Access Floors

Cleaning Your Access Floor

Tops of Floor

Specialized computer room flooring protects your equipment and your colleagues from static shock, so it's important to maintain its safety features through regular removal of dust and dirt. We use cleaning solutions specifically designed for this floor material that will not chip or ruin the laminate while also allowing the flooring to function properly.

Under floor Plenum

As the air is circulated throughout the plenum, it deposits dirt and dust throughout your controlled environment. We can thoroughly clean this difficult-to-reach area and decrease your risk of fires, accidental fire suppressant discharge, impaired circuitry, and employee health issues. We can also perform post-construction cleaning, subfloor sealing, and disaster recovery. Our services can fulfill most insurance audits and can even defray the insurance costs of some policies.

Sealing Your Subfloor

Seal your concrete subfloor and you'll seal out the contamination that results from oxidation. We can effectively seal with a nonflammable, noncorrosive, and nontoxic sealant either before you install your equipment or after it is installed.