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Organizing Your Cables

organizing data roomsOf your myriad of cables, do you know which you are actually using and which aren't necessary? Often when you upgrade equipment or change vendors, you're also accumulating unneeded cables. In fact, data center operators estimate that more than half of all cables in a data center are unused. In addition to being unsightly and often unwieldy, they can also be unsafe.

Cables that are not in use pose a serious fire risk - many areas have laws that mandate their removal. Make sure to check the National Electric Code (NEC) that was rewritten in 2002, as you may be in violation of new laws. Unused or abandoned cables are also dangerous because they can block the flow of cool air to hot spots within the data center. This has tremendous ramifications under floor, since airflow is the lifeblood of the data center and will be restricted by additional cables. Their weight can also compromise your subfloor. Older buildings like schools, hospitals, and other important spaces are especially vulnerable due to their age.

We can work closely with your network expert to assess which cables are no longer necessary and then remove them.

Labeling Your Cables

The best way to keep your cables well organized is to keep them well labeled. We offer useful products that can help you manage your cables and maintain an efficient data center as well as prepare you for any emergencies.

Cleaning Post Construction

In order to ensure a clean controlled environment that protects your delicate and valuable equipment and provides the right climate for its operation, it's crucial to start with a clean environment. Whether you're completing new construction or even moving into a new space, we'll perform a thorough cleaning so that you can install your hardware in a pristine environment.