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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Month: June 2015

Where Is That Foul Smell Coming from?

Have a terrible odor that’s keeping customers away from your business? Simply masking the problem won’t make it go away. You need to identify the source of the smell and eliminate it entirely. Putting perfume on a skunk won’t make it smell like roses – why would it do anything different for your business? Here are some tips to help you find the source of the bad smell in your office.

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Pros and Cons of Day Cleaning Services: Part 2

In this two-part guide, we are discussing the pros and cons of day cleaning services. Your business may benefit from having a cleaning crew during the day, rather than at night or in the early morning hours when no one is around. In Part 1 we talked about the benefits of having a visible cleaning crew that’s around right when a mess happens. Now we’ll look at even more pros and cons to keep in mind for your business.

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Pros and Cons of Day Cleaning Services: Part 1

Day cleaning is a popular practice in Europe, but it hasn’t taken off quite as well in the U.S. In this scenario, cleaning crews work throughout the day, rather than waiting to clean after hours. While there are some downsides to day cleaning, most businesses find that the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of day cleaning services so you can determine if they are right for your business.

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How to Minimize Germ Transmission in Classrooms

It’s no secret that children are walking balls of germs. Their natural curiosity and lack of personal boundaries put them in contact with germs more often than adults. With 15-20 students in a classroom, the idea of "germ control" is almost inconceivable, but there are some things you can do to keep your students healthy throughout the year. Here are some quick tips explaining how to minimize germ transmission in classrooms.

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How to Choose the Right Fragrance for Your Business

Many businesses use special fragrances to make their offices smell pleasing to guests and employees. It’s important to identify and eliminate odor sources before you try to mask them with perfume, but after that, you can choose a special scent for your office to have. There is a wide range of fragrances on the market, making it hard to pick just one. Here are some quick tips explaining how to choose the right fragrance for your business.

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