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9 School Cleaning Tips for Summer Break: Part 2

5 – Inspect and Repair Your Furniture

Use your summer break as a chance to inspect your school furniture and make any necessary repairs that you’ve been putting off. Worn and damaged furniture may collect more germs and dirt than properly maintained furniture, so this should help your cleaning long-term. For instance, if the tops of your desks are notably embedded with grime from hands, pencil marks, etc., you may need to replace the desks or use deep cleaning solutions to restore them to their former glory.

6 – Re-Evaluate your Cleaning Protocols for the Coming Year

Summer break provides an opportune time to reassess your cleaning protocols and make sure they fit your current needs. For example, if you have gained a new influx of students in the past year or have more students attending your school in the fall, you may need to increase your cleaning crew to keep up with the new traffic. If there are issues with efficiency that you want to address, this is a great time to do it. Work with your janitorial team to create a solid plan for your school in the future.

7 – Clean Your Tile and Grout

Regular cleaning methods will get your tile and grout clean on the surface, but they may not get rid of deep-set grime that can soak into the grout over time. You can’t clean this out with school in session, but you can during summer break. If you have white grout, you can use bleaching chemicals to brighten the grout and make your floors look brand new. For darker grout, there are other long-setting cleaning methods that can pull up dirt, oils, and stains from deep within the grout. A simple power washer may be all you need, depending on your flooring. Ask your cleaning crew about your options so you can be prepared for the next school year.

8 – Ask Your Staff about Their Needs

Have you had a meeting with your staff to understand their cleaning needs? If not, this is the time to do it. Work with each department individually to figure out what you can do to improve the cleanliness of their workspaces. There will be different needs in the classrooms, the office, the cafeteria, etc. Also meet with your janitorial staff to see if they have the tools and equipment they need to succeed. If not, you can figure out new solutions to give your staff a clean slate for the coming year.

9 – Establish Systems to Keep Your School Cleaner throughout the Year

Have a problem with dirt in your school? Install new rugs near the entrance to collect it in one place. Have an issue with trash piling up in the halls? Install more waste bins for students and staff members to use. Identify ways to keep your school cleaner throughout the year so your janitors can focus on their day to day tasks.
Make the most of your summer break, and you can enjoy a new school year free of dirt, germs, and debris.


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