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Commercial Janitorial Services

For over 35 years, RJC Commercial Janitorial has set the standard in the janitorial services industry with unparalleled service and exceptional customer support throughout Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.

Property Management Cleaning


Exceptional Support

In our long history; we’ve never lost a client due to performance. In fact, we still have our first client from 1988 (US Navy).

unparalleled service

We don’t use temps… our reputation for quality demands that all employees undergo an extensive background check as well as detailed training.

Available when you need us

A responsive and automated dispatch available 24/7 with on-site supervision in all aspects of your cleaning contract.

We tackle your toughest projects

Our team employs industry best practices with effective green seal certified cleaning solutions. Outsourcing your janitorial services to RJC means you can focus on your business and rest assured we’ll make certain your facility is cleaned to your specifications.

When Clean is Mission Critical

Without a clean environment, cleanrooms, computer rooms, and data centers that routinely handle crucial, large budget projects cannot perform optimally. That’s why everything we do is critical – every detail matters.

What Makes for a Good Cleaning Staff

Finding the perfect commercial cleaning staff is essential for running a thriving business. It helps keep the building looking pristine and your workers and visitors safe. Once you know what to be on the lookout for in a cleaning company,…

How Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Services Promotes Productivity

As people continue to receive Covid-19 vaccinations, reentering the corporate office space will begin to happen for many companies. The shift from slow-paced work-at-home life to the traditional fast-paced office environment may be a struggle for many company employees. Company…

How Commercial Covid Cleaning Services can Help Your Business Thrive

Covid-19 and its variants shook this nation to its core. It not only hurt us physically, but it also took a toll on all of us financially. Business owners everywhere were unsure which each day held; they didn’t know if…

Why Covid Cleaning Still Matters

In recent news, people have proposed the question of whether thoroughly cleaning as a preventive measure for Covid is still necessary. The CDC has also stated that COVID-19 transmission happens predominantly from airborne particles and less from surfaces. Despite these…

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