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Commercial Janitorial Services

For over 35 years, RJC Commercial Janitorial has set the standard in the janitorial services industry with unparalleled service and exceptional customer support throughout Maryland, D.C. and Virginia.


    Exceptional Support

    In our long history; we’ve never lost a client due to performance. In fact, we still have our first client from 1988 (US Navy).

    unparalleled service

    We don’t use temps… our reputation for quality demands that all employees undergo an extensive background check as well as detailed training.

    Available when you need us

    A responsive and automated dispatch available 24/7 with on-site supervision in all aspects of your cleaning contract.

    We tackle your toughest projects

    Our team employs industry best practices with effective green seal certified cleaning solutions. Outsourcing your janitorial services to RJC means you can focus on your business and rest assured we’ll make certain your facility is cleaned to your specifications.

    When Clean is Mission Critical

    Without a clean environment, cleanrooms, computer rooms, and data centers that routinely handle crucial, large budget projects cannot perform optimally. That’s why everything we do is critical – every detail matters.

    Clean air vents = healthy employees

    When you’re working in a small office space, it’s not all that surprising that dirt, dust, and debris can quickly accumulate. All of these particles can mix together and create poor air quality that leaves your entire workforce calling in…

    Concrete Floor Maintenance

    Everyday maintenance of concrete floors is simple. They’re relative affordability and easy maintenance make them attractive to industrial builders. Spills and other mishaps are an ease to mop up. All you need is the right floor cleaner, a mop, and…

    How you can tell if your office cleaning crew is doing a good job

    An outsourced, professional cleaning service generally operates under the radar in most offices, which is usually a good thing. Operating efficiently without being intrusive is something every cleaning crew must do. But it can also make it tricky for office…

    What Every School Should Know about Sanitizing Sports Equipment

    Public awareness of the spread of bacteria, germs, and viruses is higher today than ever before. With that awareness comes increased concern about which items and surfaces are likeliest to attract those contaminants — and how to sanitizing sports equipment…

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