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We are dedicated to cleaning and maintaining commercial workspaces throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia. Whether you’re operating an office space, healthcare facility, educational building, government facility, manufacturing, laboratory, SCIF, warehouse, or other space, we can help you showcase it, while providing a spotless, healthy environment.

A spotless work space says a lot about your business. First impressions count – for your customers as well as your staff. And, improving the work environment for staff can help increase productivity.

office cleaning

When you’re running a manufacturing, distribution, or an industrial business, cleanliness isn’t just for appearances. It’s a safety issue and an efficiency driver.

We understand that the level of cleanliness directly impacts both your staff and your patients’ health. Whether you’re managing a medical office building, outpatient facility, surgery center, or hospital, preventing HAI’s is critical.

healthcare facility
lab clean room

We clean and decontaminate your controlled environment and delicate valuable equipment with the most effective cleaning chemicals appropriate to each manufacturer, and abide by all SOPs and protocols specific to your work.

We know how important it is to have the right training and credentials to handle the highly sensitive equipment and pristine atmosphere of a certified data center.

data center cleaning

From pre-schools to institutions of higher education, the close collaboration of students and teachers also encourages the transmittal of germs.

Your floors will be new again! We offer clear sealers & custom colors. When you seal your concrete floor, you’re actually strengthening it and making it more impermeable.

concrete floor sealing
concrete polishing

If you’re considering replacing your concrete floor, polishing is a cost-effective and beautiful alternative. Polishing cuts maintenance costs and time, eliminates the need for waxes and coatings, solidifies the concrete, makes it stain resistant and increases reflectivity by one third, thus reducing energy cost and improving your Green Foot Print.

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