Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

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Commercial Cleaning Company

RJC is a leading commercial cleaning company headquartered in Maryland. We serve the region’s businesses and Government facilities throughout Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia. Whether you’re operating an office space, commercial building, healthcare facility, educational building, government facility, manufacturing, laboratory, SCIF, warehouse, or other space, we can help you showcase it, while providing a spotless, healthy environment.

We keep your work spaces CLEAN!

We only clean commercial facilities. As a privately owned and operated company with a single focus, we are able to offer our customers best-in-class service, flexible schedules and economical pricing. Founded in 1988, we have a long history of expertise in the commercial, property management & Government sectors.

Industry Solutions

Our industry solutions include services tailored to office cleaning, property managers, clean rooms, data centers, Government facilities, healthcare, educational buildings, industrial buildings & more.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Property Manager

Office Cleaning

We are the leading office cleaning company in the region with contractual office cleaning services...

cleaning data center

Data Center Cleaning

We have the right training and credentials to handle the highly sensitive equipment and pristine atmosphere...

post construction cleaning

Post Construction

From single spaces to buildings, we are uniquely trained and equipped to handle post construction cleaning.


Cleanroom Cleaning

We clean to ISO 14644-4: Class 3 – Class 9 & Fed. Std. 209E: Class 1 – Class 100,000 specifications.

commercial floor cleaning

Floor Cleaning

The most effective, green seal certified DfE cleaning solutions to clean and protect your hard surface floors.

commercial carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

We understand the importance of keeping your business office carpets clean and sanitized, which is why we offer...

concrete floor sealing

Industrial Cleaning

When you’re running a manufacturing, distribution, or an industrial business, cleanliness isn’t just for appearances.

laboratory cleaning

Laboratory Cleaning

Everything we do is critical – every detail matters when it comes to our laboratory cleaning services.

Other special services we offer include spray disinfectinglighting services, hygienic cleaning, green cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and varying levels of sanitization depending on your needs.

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