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Defining Your Cleaning Expectations

In order to have a successful relationship with your cleaning crew, you need to establish a set of expectations right from the start. This will help you understand what you’re getting for the money you’re paying, and it will help the staff stay in line with your goals. When you’re both on the same page, you can enjoy years of efficient, consistent cleaning results. Here are some tips to help you define your cleaning expectations with your janitorial staff.

What Are Your Needs?

Your needs will make up the foundation of your expectations. You know your building better than anyone, and you know which areas require the most attention. For instance, if you get a lot of foot traffic, one of your core focuses may be on floor cleaning. If you run a school or daycare, your focus may be on germ maintenance. From the beginning, you need to define your needs and relay that information to your cleaning crew. They will determine which cleaning methods will best address your needs so they can live up to your expectations.

What Is Your Budget?

Once your needs are met, you can explore other cleaning opportunities that could benefit your business. Before you can do that though, you need to understand what you are willing to spend for your cleaning services. Don’t just go with the cheapest cleaning quote you get so you can stay on budget. Cheap prices usually lead to cheap services. Instead, work with your janitorial staff to devise a plan that fits into your budget without sacrificing the quality of your cleaning. If you are satisfied with the results, you may be able to invest more money in your cleaning in the future.

Daily vs. Seasonal Cleaning

Some of your cleaning services will happen on a daily or weekly basis, while others may only be necessary once a year. You may have separate prices for the day to day cleaning and the extra work you need for your office. Define your expectations for daily and seasonal cleaning so you know what will happen when the time comes. Your cleaning company can suggest non-routine cleaning procedures that you may need, even if you aren’t aware of them at this time. Understanding how all of this works will help you stay on track with your cleaning contract.  

Ask Questions about Cleaning Procedures

Make sure you are fully aware of the cleaning services that you are getting for your money. What will your day cleaning consist of? Are the cleaning services only for interior areas, or do they cover exterior zones as well? What will your work staff need to do to help the cleaning staff complete their jobs efficiently? These are all questions you should discuss with your cleaning company so you are well informed about the work you are getting. If you expect one thing and they do another, you will end up disappointed in the results. In the end though, that may just be a matter of poor communication.


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