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Don’t Let Dirty Floors Hurt Your Business

dirty business floors

Will Dirty Business Floors Cost You Money?

Whether you run a busy restaurant, a high-traffic retail store, a bustling corporate office, or an active warehouse location, you probably don’t put a lot of thought into the flooring underfoot.  Unfortunately, a negligent approach to floor care can not only leave you with dirty business floors, but also a host of more serious and potentially costly problems.

For one thing, the appearance of flooring plays a role in how employees and customers view your overall business operations.  You could also face health and safety concerns associated with filthy flooring, and possibly even liability issues.  What problems might arise from dirty flooring and what can you do to address them or avoid them altogether?

Your Professional Image

Many companies spend a lot of time and money perfecting a brand image, but all your hard work can be derailed in an instant if clients or customers enter a building and find filthy, disgusting floors.  Stained carpeting and dirty, smudged tiles can elicit reactions ranging from mild disdain to shock and disgust.  In other words, you won’t make a very good impression.

Cleanliness is more than a virtue when you’re trying to run a successful business – it’s a crucial aspect of maintaining a spotless brand image and a sterling reputation for excellence in every aspect of operations.  Don’t throw money and effort into branding if you’re only going to undermine your image with grimy flooring.

Health and Safety Concerns

Dirty flooring, especially carpeting, can not only harbor allergens like dust, dander, and pollen that may affect the health of employees, but also bacteria and viruses that could be far more consequential when it comes to the number of employee sick days your business experiences.  This, in turn, could affect employee morale, productivity, profits, and so on, impacting your business in a variety of ways.

Even worse are hard flooring surfaces that could carry high risk of slip and fall accidents due to dust and grime.  Such incidents could prove to be a serious liability if employees or customers suffer injuries as a result of your negligence.  Whether you have to pay worker’s compensation or you find yourself facing a lawsuit, the costs could be significant.

Surface Damage

The damage dirt and debris can do to your flooring may be the least of your worries after liability and harm to your brand image, but having to replace flooring due to gross negligence and general filth is still a hassle and an expense for your business – one that is easily avoidable with proper care.

How to Avoid Dirty Business Floors

There is good news, whether your floors have built-up grime or you’ve recently installed new flooring and you want it to remain pristine.  You simply need to contract with a reliable and experienced janitorial service that can manage a regular cleaning schedule, tackle tough jobs, and leave your facility sparkling clean from top to bottom.  Some even offer environmentally-friendly cleaning standards to help you support your green ideals.

If you’re seeking an expert janitorial service that caters to businesses in and around Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the DC area, contact the qualified professionals at RJC Commercial Janitorial & Cleanroom Solutions today at 410-750-2100 or online to request an estimate.


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