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Hard Floor Cleaning: Vacuums vs. Mops and Brooms

Most people do not think about cleaning hard floors with a vacuum, but there are a number of advantages that come with this cleaning method. Whether you hire a cleaning company to clean your hard floors or you choose to clean them on your own, you can benefit from using a vacuum instead of a mop and broom. Let’s take a moment to compare these different hard floor cleaning methods so you can select the option that best suits your needs.

Eliminating vs. Wiping

With traditional mopping and sweeping, all you really do is wipe dust from surfaces. This wiping process puts some of the dust in the air. It does not eliminate it entirely. With a vacuum, you are sucking up the dust, rather than swiping it away. We’ll harp on the impact of this in the other sections below, but from a cleaning perspective alone, it’s better to get rid of the entire problem than to only get rid of part of it.

Changes in Indoor Air Quality

Because vacuums get rid of dust and debris on hard floors, they have a more positive impact on indoor air quality than mops and brooms do. Not only will this make your space easier to breathe in, but it will also reduce the work your air filtration system has to go through. This naturally extends the life of your air filters, saving you money in repairs and maintenance. If you run a healthcare facility, school, or any other business with heavy foot traffic, you will be better off vacuuming hard floors to preserve your air quality.

True Deep Cleaning Solutions

With a vacuum, you can use suction to pull out particles embedded deep within the cracks and crevices of your flooring. With a mop and broom, you can only clean what’s on the surface of the floor. While the bristles of the broom will get into some of the crevices, they cannot get nearly as deep as the vacuum can. Once again, having a "deep cleaned" floor will improve the air quality in the space and make the entire space more hygienic as a whole.

The Lifetime of Your Hard Floors

Vacuuming can increase the lifetime of your hard floors because of the deep cleaning it provides. With less dust and debris on your floors, there are fewer particles to eat away at the sealant on your floor. Dust may not seem threatening when you first look at it, but consider each dust particle as a microscopic shard of glass grinding away at your floors. Over time, this is going to force you to reseal or replace your flooring because it is going through a heavy amount of wear and tear. You can improve the durability and longevity of your floors by vacuuming them instead of mopping and sweeping.

You Still Need Wet Cleaning…

Despite all the benefits of vacuuming hard floors, you still need wet cleaning to fully clean the flooring throughout the month. You will not be able to get rid of spills, stains, and other liquids with a vacuum. Nevertheless, the vacuum will make it easier for your wet cleaning equipment to do what it needs to do. Overall, your floors will require less maintenance and they will stay cleaner for longer if you use vacuuming as your primary cleaning method.


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