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How Exterior Cleaning Can Prevent Mosquitoes

Are mosquitoes driving away your business? Do your employees hate coming to work because of the mosquitoes around your workplace? Believe it or not, there are some simple exterior cleaning techniques you can use to drastically cut down your mosquito population. Read on to learn how exterior cleaning can prevent mosquitoes.

Reduce Standing Water

Mosquitoes breed in pools of shallow standing water. You may have many of these pools outside of your office that you’ve never noticed before. Bird feeders, five gallon buckets (often used to hold cigarette butts), plant sauces, and dog bowls can all be sources of standing water. Tip those over or replace the water in them frequently to prevent mosquitoes from breeding around your office. Pay particular attention to the areas under and around your gutter’s downspouts, as those tend to provide the perfect environment for mosquito breeding.

Pro Tip: If you have a pool outside your office, make sure the water is covered, treated, and circulating at all times. The circulation is the biggest factor in this. Without it, your pool will become a giant source of standing water the mosquitoes are sure to thrive in.

Remove Excess Grass and Leaves

Yard clippings leaves, and firewood can act as great hiding places for mosquitoes. Removing these from the property will once again cut back on the mosquito population near you. Not only that, but cleaning up the yard waste will make the exterior of your building look more presentable, more professional, and ultimately more approachable. This will all lead to more business for you.

Flip and Clean Your Walk-Off Mats

Walk-off mats are made to trap moisture at the door, which also means that they can be great places for mosquitoes to populate. While the heavy foot traffic around a walk-off mat may not be ideal for mosquitoes, it can certainly be a place for them to explore. Tip over your mats throughout the day and hang them up when not in use. Have the mats cleaned regularly to keep your interior floors clean and help control the mosquito population even more.

Seal off Exterior Entry Points

Seal the gaps around your doors and windows that may let mosquitoes into your building. Repair or replace any damaged windows or window screens before mosquito season is in full bloom. If possible, use air conditioning to cool down the office instead of opening your windows. This will keep the mosquitoes outside where they belong.

Invest in Exterior Mosquito Repellents

In addition to cleaning up the exterior of your property, you should invest in mosquito repellents that will keep the pests away from your office for good. Many pest control companies offer mosquito barrier sprays that create an invisible shield around your building. You can set up automatic misters to keep this barrier going strong, or you can have them re-spray your property every few weeks. If you host a lot of outdoor events, it may be wise to invest in an automated system so you can be sure that your guests will enjoy their time in peace. Combine this protection with the other tips above, and you won’t have to spend your summer swatting away the mosquitoes.


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