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Pros and Cons of Day Cleaning Services: Part 1

Day cleaning is a popular practice in Europe, but it hasn’t taken off quite as well in the U.S. In this scenario, cleaning crews work throughout the day, rather than waiting to clean after hours. While there are some downsides to day cleaning, most businesses find that the pros outweigh the cons. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives of day cleaning services so you can determine if they are right for your business.

CON: Your Guests Can See Your Cleaning Crew

Most businesses have nighttime cleaning crews so they don’t interrupt the guest experience. The idea here is that the janitorial staff and equipment is "unsightly" or "unpleasant" and thus needs to be kept hidden. If you don’t want your customers to catch a glimpse of your cleaners, day cleaning services may not be right for you.

PRO: Your Guests Can See Your Cleaning Crew

Wait, wasn’t this just listed as a con? Yes it was, but in all actuality, having your guests see your cleaning crew is a good thing. This tells visitors that you actively work to keep your office clean, which makes people more willing to do business with you. You don’t mind seeing housekeepers in hotels, right? Why would your guests mind seeing your janitors then? As long as they keep noise levels to a minimum, your visitors probably won’t complain about having cleaners working around them.

CON: The Cleaning Products May Smell

Some cleaning products used by professional janitorial crews have a strong odor to them. This odor goes away, but it may be noticeable to guests and employees. If you find the odor to be too strong, you can always request the use of other products in your office space. You may also ask for the janitors to use powerful cleaners during the slowest times in the day. Simply put, this "con" is easily avoidable if you communicate with your cleaning company ahead of time.

PRO: Janitors Catch Problems Right When They Happen

Got a spill on aisle three? The day cleaning crew is there to take care of it. Having a daytime janitorial staff will minimize your risk of floor stains, lingering odors, and other problems resulting from long-standing messes. This will save you money in property repairs over time. If an unexpected event happens, your cleaners are on hand with the tools and equipment they need to take care of everything for you.

Continue reading Part 2 of this guide to learn even more pros and cons of day cleaning services.


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