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Sustainable Cleaning

It’s almost inevitable not to be seen as an influential part of a community when you own a large commercial space. And as the property manager, you have a responsibility not only to ensure that you add value to the community but also to set a precedent of eco-friendliness. There is no better time to consider how you can improve your eco-friendliness than in the Spring. It’s the season of renewal and a time when we focus on the beauty of the outdoors. That’s why you should look into incorporating sustainable and environmentally-friendly cleaning methods into your commercial building cleaning regimen.

In this article, we’re breaking down the aspect of sustainable commercial building cleaning in an easy-to-understand format. Making a change for the environment doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Cleaner Matters

Which cleaners your janitorial team uses can have an impact on the environment. Certain cleaners contain chemicals that are harsh on our planet and can even have negative effects on one’s health. These cleaners typically contain what are known as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

VOCs affect both indoor and outdoor air quality, and are shown to contaminate our water supply. Poor water quality can lead to serious issues for humanity. Certain contaminants have been known to act as poison in the body and cause health issues. But that doesn’t just apply to humans; it also affects our aquatic life. These all too common chemicals are taking away the healthy home of sea animals all around the world.

You will be happy to know that there are commercial building cleaning services that utilize EPA-approved cleaners.

These cleaners contain lesser amounts of harmful chemicals, so choose an EPA-approved cleaner, the environment, and your building visitors will thank you for it. Your sustainable cleaning efforts don’t have to be difficult to achieve, especially when there are so many services out there to help guide you.

Sustainable Disposal Options

Sustainability is all about longevity, how long something can be used for, and how long it will take to decompose on our planet. That’s why you need to consider how you dispose of cleaning products and trash.

Reusable cleaning items such as rags that are washable and reusable are great for the average home cleaning day. But these reusable options aren’t always optimal and safe for commercial cleaning use. But there is still an environmentally-safe disposal option for your commercial property – recycling!

If you’re looking to add recycling into your commercial building cleaning routine, don’t do it alone, there are services out there that can help.

Choose to Clean Green with RJC!

You can choose to clean green today with the green cleaning services we offer at RJC!

We believe in going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our customers and the planet. That’s why we use EPA-approved cleaners. Air quality is critical to both the health of humans and the planet – you deserve to have a sparkling space without toxic chemicals.

You can also count on us for recycling; it’s a major step in the direction of running a green commercial property!

If you’re interested in our green cleaning services, contact us today for a free estimate.



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