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The Importance of Mats in Floor Cleaning Programs

One of the most crucial and often most forgotten components of a proper floor cleaning system is having walk-off mats in the entrance and exits areas of a building. These mats provide a wide range of services that can benefit both the cleaning crew and the building owners. If you do not have mats in place yet and want to know more about the need for these features around your building, the guide below will explain the importance of mats in floor cleaning programs.

The Many Benefits of Walk-Off Mats

Mats serve several purposes in floor cleaning, safety, brand recognition, and more. Some of the most common benefits of using floor mats include:

•    Collect mud, dirt, and other large particles before they’re able to get into the door
•    Absorb moisture from shoes that could seep onto the flooring
•    Drastically reduce slip and fall hazards in and around the building
•    Provide guests with a place to wipe their shoes before entering the building
•    Enhance your brand recognition with a custom floor mat that represents your business
•    Improve the aesthetics of your property with a mat that complements the architecture and design

The possibilities are endless, but it’s safe to say that mats are important around commercial buildings. If you do not have one yet, it would be a wise investment to buy or rent them.

Types of Mats to Use

The types of mats you use around your business will depend on where you live, the climate in your area, the amount of traffic your business gets, and more. In most cases, mats are set up in a three part system. The first component is a scraper mat, placed outside of the doorway. This has deep fibers that are made to break up mud and dirt trapped in the grooves of shoes. After the scraper mat, a scraping/wiping mat is used to collect leftover dirt and absorb moisture. This mat will be made of a tough, durable fabric that is absorbent and easy to clean. The last mat in the system is a wiper mat, designed to pick up any moisture that may be leftover on a person’s feet. This mat is usually made from carpet that complements the building’s interior.

Choosing the Right Mat for You

Ideally, you should have at least 20 linear feet of matting in the entrance of your building. If there is not enough room for that though, you may need to adjust the dimensions to accommodate your available space. Your mat should be slightly wider than your doorway and long enough for multiple people to wipe their feet on at the same time. You can work with your matting provider to figure out which dimensions are right for you.

In terms of matting materials, these will once again depend on where your building is and the type of traffic you get coming through your building. For instance, a hardware store may need a more heavy-duty matting system than a fabric store because the workers coming through are likely to have on dirty work boots. Think about your clients and the environment around you to find the best solution for your individual needs.


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