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The Most Efficient Way to Clean a Conference Room

After a big meeting, a conference room can turn into a big mess. Plates, papers, pens, and trash in general cover every surface of the space. Even tidy people will leave a mess for janitors to clean up, no matter how minor it is. That’s why it’s best to have a system in place for post-meeting cleaning. Illustrated below is the most efficient way to clean a conference room that you can use in your business.

Pick Up the Major Trash

Begin each cleaning session with a general assessment of the room and what needs to be addressed. Shortly after that, pick up any trash still lingering around the room. This should give you clear surfaces to clean off, depending on what is in the conference room to begin with.

Start in One Corner and Work Your Way around

Choose one corner of the room to start your cleaning and then move around to the other side of the room. Work from top to bottom so you do not get your past work dirty again. You may start with a general trash pickup all around the room, but after that, it is best to move in a circle so you don’t lose track of what you have done.

Use Multi-Surface Cleaning Products

You may be able to take advantage of multi-surface cleaning products to clean up most of your conference room. There are some materials that will need specific solvents to clean properly, but most surfaces in a conference room can be tackled with universal solutions. Luckily, conference rooms are not like hotel rooms, where you have to worry about using different rags for bathrooms, floors, tables, and so on.  You can use the same towel and everything else to cut back on cleaning time.

Leave Trash to the Very End

You can use your trash can to collect disposable towels and any other garbage you find as you clean. Thus you should keep the trash as it sits until the end of your cleaning. If you cannot fit anything else into the trash can, then you can think about taking it out early. Just make sure you don’t leave the new trash in the bin when you leave. You don’t want the conference room to smell if no one uses it for the next few weeks.

Work out a rhythm for your conference room cleaning, and you’ll be able to keep your office clean from every angle.


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