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The Right Way to Launder Microfiber Cleaning Products

We’ve already discussed the importance of laundering microfiber cleaning products. In this part of the guide, we will go over the proper way to clean and dry microfiber towels, mop heads, mitts, and more so you can get the most of your cleaning supplies.

Provide an Easy-Access Place for Soiled Microfiber to Go

In order to ensure that your cleaning crew will launder used microfiber products, provide them with a convenient place to put the cloths after they have been used. This may be a bag or compartment on a cleaning cart, or it may be a special laundry room/chute designed just for this type of laundry. You will need to determine what the best option is for you based on how frequently you have to clean the cloths and how many of them get soiled throughout the day. If you have to change the cloths between rooms, it would be ideal to have a sack on the cleaning cart so your workers do not have to go to the laundry room every time they use one.

Be Leery of the Heat Settings

You must be careful about how high the heat settings are for the washing and drying cycles in your laundering process. If the heat is set for too high, it may melt the micro fibers that make up the cloth. However, if the heat is set for too low, it may not be powerful enough to kill off the bacteria living on the cleaning products. Research the cleaning settings that are best suited for the particular products you use to ensure their long lifespans.

Do Not Mix Microfiber with Other Materials

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in cleaning microfiber is mixing it with other fabrics in a load. Microfiber requires a specific level of care that is not suited for other cloth materials, like cotton rags or custodial uniforms. By mixing the fabrics, you will either compromise the cleanliness of the microfiber or you will compromise the cleanliness of the other materials. Ideally, you should wash loads of soiled microfiber products by themselves to keep them as clean as possible.

Get the Right Machines for the Job

Not all washing machines and dryers are designed to clean microfiber. In fact, when you look on the corporate cleaning market, there are only a handful of quality devices that can handle the job. Whether you’re a client creating an on-site laundry room or a cleaning company looking to handle the laundering in office, you need to make sure you invest in a machine that can work well for your microfiber products. These machines should have an array of settings so you can adjust their services to meet your needs.

Do Not Overfill the Washer

Packing too many microfiber products in a single load will hinder the machine’s ability to thoroughly clean each cloth individually. In other words, you’ll have more dirt in there than the washer is designed to handle. You should only fill the machine up to about 80% capacity. Anything more than that is overkill, and it could reduce the efficiency of the water over time.

Never Use Fabric Softener on Microfiber

Fabric softener is designed to keep fabrics soft, but that does not mean that it will make them more effective. Microfiber is made out of small wedge-shaped strands that collect dirt, liquids, and anything else they come across. Fabric softener gets trapped between these strands and clogs the system, making them useless against spills, dust, and debris. Never put fabric softener in a load of microfiber cloths.
With the right care, you should be able to use your microfiber cleaning products for 300-500 washes. If they rip, wear down, or simply lose their efficiency, replace them with new products when the time comes.


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