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Vacuuming Hard Floors Improves Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to cleaning hard floors and vertical surfaces, most people think of using a mop, cloth, or dust rag. While these methods of cleaning can remove dust from the surface of the floor or object, they don’t necessarily help maintain clean indoor air quality. If you are concerned about the air quality in your home or office, you may consider vacuuming as an alternative cleaning method. Let’s take a look at how vacuuming hard floors improves indoor air quality in any environment.

Traditional Cleaning Methods Put Dust in the Air

Whether you use a closed-loop head mop, a broom, a feather duster, or any other tool to clean hard floors and vertical surfaces, you will inevitably fling dust into the air. Particles from the surfaces will naturally become airborne, and there is no guarantee that they will be taken care of by the building’s filtration system. Those particles that do not get filtered out will either be inhaled by guests in the building or they will settle back down on the surface. That means more cleaning for you in the long run, and it puts more work on your air filtration system.

Health Risks of Bad Indoor Air Quality

Having dust and other particulates in the air may seem harmless at first, but there are some major health risks that come with this. Say, for instance, you run an accounting firm where clients pass in and out of your office all day long. If one of your clients has asthma, your poor air quality could reduce his already-restricted breathing abilities, which could prevent him from coming back to work with you. Not only will you put someone else’s life at risk, but you will also lose a client along the way.

The same can be said about allergy sufferers. With bad indoor air quality, people with seasonal or chronic allergies are more likely to experience reactions because of the airborne particles in your building. If you personally suffer from allergies, you may have already experienced issues at work or at home from the dust in the air. By eliminating the dust entirely, you can make your home or office a more pleasant place to be in.

How Vacuuming Improves Indoor Air Quality

Unlike mops and brooms that fling dust into the air, vacuums suck it up and store it in an enclosed container. Vacuums are much better at removing soil and debris from surfaces, even in deep crevices that traditional cleaners cannot reach. If you vacuum your hard floors and vertical surfaces instead of dusting them, you will capture a great deal of the dirt that would otherwise end up in your air filter, your lungs, or back on your hard surfaces.

Not only do vacuums improve indoor air quality, but they also make cleaning easier as a whole. You will not have to clean as often with a vacuum, and you can get rid of all the dust in the area with one pass. If you pay someone to do your cleaning for you, this will reduce labor costs and save you money overall. If you do your own cleaning, this will save you a ton of hassle in the long run.

Consider the benefits of vacuuming hard floors when you start weighing out your options, and you’ll soon see that this is the way to go.


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