Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

First impressions are everything and we understand the importance of having a clean commercial work space – for your customers and your staff. Over time, your carpets may lose that fresh, sanitary appearance or they may appear spotted even after a thorough cleaning.

RJC Enterprises is a professional carpet cleaning company that services areas in Maryland, Washington D.C., and N. Virginia. We understand the importance of keeping your business office carpets clean and sanitized, which is why we offer a certified professional commercial carpet cleaning staff. We recognize the important nuances involved with cleaning commercial carpets, so we have a separate division with certified professional commercial carpet cleaning staff – full-time RJC employees who specialize in commercial carpets.

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RJC is certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute.

commercial only

We are strictly 100% commercial-only services.


Our process ensures your carpet dries within a couple of hours.

24-hour Follow-up

We contact you after service to ensure satisfaction.

Unlike your typical janitorial company, we have the expert & dedicated staff, cleaning products and equipment to give you better service at prices to fit your budget!

When you choose to work with RJC Enterprises, you have a variety of cleaning options available. Unlike other industrial carpet cleaners offering services in the Maryland area, we don’t rely on one or two methods to clean your carpets. We offer whatever method you prefer and can even help you evaluate and select a customized method that works best for your needs. We offer all of the approved manufacturer methods to clean your carpet including hot water extraction, dry encapsulation, the bonnet method, and more. We also offer static cling treatments to prevent static buildup in dry areas.

If you have areas with large, set stains, we can help restore your carpet and remove the stains.  No matter which method we use, all of our methods require only a few hours of drying time.

100% Trained Technicians

Our technicians are specially certified in the cleaning and revitalizing of commercial carpet. Industry standards are constantly changing as carpet-making technology evolves. To keep our staff on top of the latest carpet-mill-approved cleaning methods, we constantly train them. We also use BEST Eco-Friendly chemicals to ensure that you and your property are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Our Approved Manufacturer Cleaning Methods

Carpet manufacturers recommend regular carpet cleaning in order to extend the warranty of your carpet. What type of cleaning do you need? We offer whatever method you prefer and can even help you evaluate and select a customized method that works best for your needs. We offer all of the approved manufacturer methods to clean your carpet:

  • Hot water extraction: Extremely hot water and solution clean and sanitize your carpets, which is vacuumed concurrently so no soap residue is left to attract dirt. This highly effective method of cleaning is effective for many different types of carpets.
  • Bonnet cleaning: We place a cloth “bonnet” onto a round buffing machine. The heat from the spinning action actually pulls the dirt into the bonnet. We use only eco-friendly, biodegradable solutions, and the process uses minimal water for a more efficient clean.
  • Encapsulation:  This new process (used in the Las Vegas casinos) is primarily a dry method that is safe for the environment. It’s approved by major carpet mills, eliminates rapid re-soiling, and has no fragrances or VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The carpet will be damp when we leave but will dry within an hour.
  • Carpet Restoration:  If your carpet has deep stains that have formed over time because it was not properly maintained or was cleaned poorly and re-soiled (spots showed up again) a few weeks after its last cleaning, we can help. We’ll restore the carpet by removing built up soap residue or entrenched dirt, leaving your carpet looking like new again. We’re so confident this process will work that we will come out and complete a free demo of the product at no charge.
  • Anti-static control reducing static charge:  Us our special treatment to keep static at bay in dry environments where it thrives. 
  • Fabric & upholstery cleaning:  We carefully clean all fabrics and upholstery according to their manufacturers directions.
  • Cubicle cloth walls / Office partition cleaning / System furniture:  Hard to clean stains are no match for our special solutions, designed to keep your office spaces looking pristine.
  • Media wall cleaning:  We use powerful cleansers to keep your environment ready for presentation.
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We also focus on other carpeted areas of your business. Do you have carpeted walls or cubicles that need to be refreshed? We have the equipment and cleaners that will effectively clean and sanitize other carpeted areas within your business. While carpeted walls and cubicles don’t often have the same amount of staining as flooring, dust and debris builds up and can affect your office’s air quality. With our professional cleaning services, you can have your whole office looking and smelling fresh and clean.

For cleaner carpets, call us at (800) 582-2105 or use the form on this page to request a call back.

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