Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Data Center Cleaning

Receive the attention to detail you require…

We’re not a cleaning company that trains our regular cleaning staff for ten minutes and then hands them a shop vacuum with a HEPA filter to clean your data center.

We know how important it is to have the right training and credentials to handle the highly sensitive equipment and pristine atmosphere of a certified data center. Therefore, we have a separate division devoted just to cleaning data centers.


Our services:

  • Raised Floor Cleaning
  • Particle Count Testing
  • Raised Floor Rejuvenation
  • Sub Floor Cleaning
  • Server Rack Cleaning
  • Server Cleaning
  • Post Construction Cleaning

All technicians are full-time RJC employees and held to high standards. We do not entrust subcontractors or temporary help with your critical space. Our team receives constant training on best practices in cleaning data centers, employing the up-to-the-minute methods that have been approved by industry standards.

We clean data centers for some of the biggest organizations in the industry, so you can be sure you’ll receive the attention to detail you require. In fact, we even rejuvenated raised floors that had not been cleaned for over 15 years, making them look new again.

We clean to these specifications:

  • ISO 14644-4: Class 3 – Class 9
  • Fed. Std. 209E: Class 1 – Class 100,000

To find out more about how we can effectively clean your data center, call us at (800) 582-2105, or use our online form to get a free estimate.

data center cleaning

Certified, Dedicated Staff

Our technicians are specially certified in the cleaning and revitalizing of commercial data centers. We never employ temporary help or sub-contract work.

Highest Standards

RJC performs regular cleanings for some of the largest data centers in the area.

Particle Count Readings

We take particle count readings using our handheld unit at several locations throughout the data center. We then take readings after the cleaning and submit a report to you.

24-Hour Follow Up

We make contact within 24 hours after service to ensure your satisfaction.

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