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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Hygienic Cleaning

Hygienic Cleaning

Do you have a hospital or other medical building that needs special cleaning strategies? A laboratory with specific standards? Or kitchens and bathrooms that requires the rigor of hygienic deep cleaning? With over 30 years of experience cleaning sensitive spaces like government buildings, cleanrooms and other buildings that have high standards for food safety and sanitation, we can help.

Hygienic Cleaning for Deep Peace of Mind

In addition to meeting hygienic safety requirements for your patients or customers, there are a number of reasons to hygienically clean your spaces. Since they interact in the space every day, your staff and visitors will also appreciate this level of cleanliness. You’ll create a pleasant, odor-free environment. You’ll discourage the transfer of germs and bacteria and reduce the amount of sick days. Even your equipment runs better if it’s hygienically clean.

Eliminate Food Allergy Issues

With food allergies on the rise and their ramifications increasingly serious, we can help you manage your environment against common allergens like gluten, milk, nuts, crustaceans, eggs, fish and more. We clean on a microbial level to eliminate cross-contamination. Regular cleaning does this as well, but a periodic deep cleaning is an important part of this process to help remove buildups of dust, bacteria and food debris. Just because a surface looks clean does not mean it’s hygienically clean. We clean to the hygienic level.

Hygienic Cleaning Process

Generally, we recommend a hygienic deep clean once every few months, depending upon your needs. We’ll use our state-of-the-art pressure or steam washing equipment and ensure that no surface goes untouched, no matter how hard or dangerous to reach. This includes pipes and duct work that don’t normally get the benefit of a regular cleaning. We’ll clean carefully around your equipment. We’ll also use the most effective disinfectant to ensure that all bacteria is killed.

If you’re looking for an experienced cleaning company with the expertise to perform your hygienic deep cleaning, give us a call. [contact us]. We look forward to helping you ensure your spaces are clean and safe.

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