Serving the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Post Construction Cleaning

Serving the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia corridor since 1988

Post Construction CleaningWhen it comes to Post Construction Cleaning, RJC Commercial Janitorial has partnered with some of the largest construction companies in the Baltimore-Washington-Virginia Corridor – on the largest construction projects.

After any construction project there is always a lot of cleaning to be done before the space is ready to be used. Our staff is uniquely trained and equipped to handle post construction cleanup, whether it is for public or private contracts, in virtually every space. We’re available 24/7 and are highly responsive. Our administrative staff is very familiar with the processes generated by big projects so we’ll ensure seamless operations. Our system for dispatching, tracking, and billing is up-to-date and always accurate, so you’ll see the PO numbers, dates, hours, and locations detailed.

From drywall cleanup to ceilings, floors, molding, baseboards, walls, doors, and more – our post construction cleaning crew will make your space safer and cleaner. We’ll follow your instructions as well as your SOP and work in a highly efficient, safe manner.

Post Construction Cleaning Services

With our proprietary methods, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, and state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll give your space a thorough cleaning with attention to every detail; we polish anything that can shine, deep clean carpets, strip and wax floors, and machine scrub ceramic tile. And we’ll work until you’re satisfied, meeting your deadline and leaving no punch list, guaranteed!

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