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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas


If you’ve ever been in a less-than-clean facility you know how much it can affect your perception of a company or organization. Fortunately, a clean and sanitized facility will boost your impression just as easily. At RJC Janitorial, we are experts at sanitation. We use special solutions to prevent Norovirus, Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), and other harmful bacteria from contaminating your restroom facilities. After sanitizing a restroom we’ll also leave special enzymes to continue to fight bacteria between cleanings. We also offer this type of services for day care facilities, dorms room, cruises ships, hotels, and as of late University of Maryland.

Cleaning Versus Sanitizing Versus Disinfecting

It’s time to clear the air. Just as there are a variety of messes and bacteria, there are a variety of cleaning approaches which all have specific tools to combat specific things. The following clears up the differences:

  • Cleaning: When we clean, we’re eliminating any dust, dirt or other debris. We use this approach for surfaces that are not likely to be in contact with food. Thus, we’d clean floors, windows or other surfaces where you would not expect to see pathogens being transferred from the surface to a person.
  • Sanitizing: When we sanitize, we’re focused on eliminating dirt contaminants that adversely affect your health – and reach what’s known as a “safe level,” or 99.999% removal of the disease microorganisms identified a public health threats. Whenever food is involved, we will sanitize. We use heat, radiation or chemicals to sanitize these surfaces per the food code. Although sanitization cannot kill viruses, fungi or bacteria, it does reduce them by 99.999%.
  • Disinfecting: When we disinfect, we are deploying our strongest cleaners to combat the bacteria present in high traffic, high risk areas for pathogens, like a preschool, daycare facilities, food manufacturing plants, or cruise ship. When people are in constant contact with a surface, it retains germs. Sanitizing alone cannot kill many of these microscopic organisms, including the flu or other viruses. We must disinfect with special cleansers.
    • We start with the most effective and lowest strength cleaner.
    • Then we tackle harder cases with measurements so precise that they are meted out by computerized dilution machine.
    • We are always mindful of cross-contamination, so we do not use the same tools on these different surfaces – or we disinfect them first.

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How to Reduce Cross-Contamination in Your Healthcare Facility

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