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Serving the Maryland, Washington & Virginia Areas

Month: June 2016

How Exterior Cleaning Can Prevent Mosquitoes

Are mosquitoes driving away your business? Do your employees hate coming to work because of the mosquitoes around your workplace? Believe it or not, there are some simple exterior cleaning techniques you can use to drastically cut down your mosquito population. Read on to learn how exterior cleaning can prevent mosquitoes.

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Pros and Cons of Summer Window Cleaning

Is summer a good time to clean windows? What are the pros and cons of summer window cleaning? These are common questions we get asked here at our cleaning company, so we figured it was time to set the record straight. Here is all the information you need to know about cleaning your windows in the summer.

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Why Professional Cleaning Companies Need Checklists

Checklists play a crucial role in the efficiency and productivity of professional cleaning companies. If your commercial cleaning company does not use a checklist when caring for your building, you may be missing out on vital services for your business. Let’s take some time to assess the true importance of cleaning checklists and how they affect the day-to-day actions of your cleaning crew.

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How Wet Wipes Impact Commercial Cleaning

Despite the widespread use of microfiber products in the commercial cleaning industry, many facilities have begun employing wet wipes as a secondary source of contamination control. These wipes are easy to use, easy to dispose of, and essential for all-day bacteria elimination. In the discussion below, we will take a closer look at how wet wipes are impacting commercial cleaning to gain a better understanding of their role as a whole.

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