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Will 3D Printing Change the Cleaning Industry

3D printing is disrupting all types of industries, from the medical field to engineering. One of the most unexpected changes, however, is happening in the cleaning industry! As 3D technologies continue to be used by different professionals, there are new challenges arising around the proper way to clean these complex machines and their products. On the other hand, the introduction of 3D printing leaves opportunity for customizable cleaning solutions and advanced supplies in the cleaning industry that can revolutionize the daily practice of cleaners! Let’s examine how 3D printing will change the cleaning industry isn’t his guide.

What is 3D Printing?

3D printing isn’t as new of a technology as many people think. 3D printing technology might look like something from a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually been around for almost 40 years! This technology was first invented in the 1980s when photopolymers were used to created printed models. The first 3D printing took place in 1984 when Charles Hull invented stereolithography. While it sounds complicated, it’s essentially printing with an acrylic-based material with a precise UV laser beam.

Today, 3D printing is being used for all types of things! Though it’s not as common as your household printer, it’s becoming more affordable for a variety of businesses to have their own in-house printing. Manufacturers are using 3D printing to create prototypes of new products while medical professionals are even going so far as to print custom medical parts for patients! Rapid Prototyping and CNC Machining Services – 3ERP is something that the companies are looking into as they need big companies who specialize in manufacturing large quantities of 3D products. The possibilities are endless!

3D Printing and Cleaning

How does this new technology relate to the cleaning industry? In many ways! First of all, this new technology brings with it a unique set of cleaning requirements. 3D printers leave substantial residue, and they need to be cleaned properly to function at a high level of accuracy. For medical professionals and engineers, maintaining their 3D printing machines in prime condition is essential. Cleaning specialists need specialized tools and strategies to maintain these 3D printing machines! The need to clean 3D printers is expected to grow in the years to come!

In addition to the need for 3D printer cleaning technology, there is also a greater development within the cleaning industry. Cleaning specialists knows that some industries involve unique cleaning challenges. Cleaners are skilled in adapting to these challenges in their daily life, but the introduction of 3D technology proposes a unique solution. For instance, some things require deeper cleaning to work properly. Regular cleaning tools and materials aren’t always enough to get the job done well. The ability to 3D print new cleaning materials on an as-needed basis by cleaning professionals means being able to get a higher-quality clean every time.

Both commercial and residential cleaners face a changing world. With the rise of technology, homeowners and business owners now have more tools to clean their own property. However, 3D printing gives cleaning services an edge on the traditional house cleaner or janitor. They have the ability to make unique tools, supplies, and equipment. As 3D printing becomes more commonplace in the future, it will likely be a part of a cleaners arsenal of tools!

The Future of 3D Printing

3D printing already feels like a glimpse into the future even though it is very much here today. As industries continue to develop into the future, 3D printing is expected to grow as a necessity. Only time will tell how many ways 3D printing will change industries. Many companies and organizations are still learning how to best adapt 3D printing to fit their needs. This is true for cleaning professionals who will need to find ways to change to fit this 3D printing world!


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