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Raised Floor Cleaning Tips for Data Centers

For many businesses, the data center is the heart of the operation. This is where many of the electronics are housed that run the business. The cords and cables that connect these electronics are arranged along the floor, and then a set of special tiles is placed on top to provide walking space in the data center. Cleaning these tiles and the area underneath them can be a challenge, and it’s a task best left to professional cleaning companies. However, these raised floor cleaning tips can help you keep your data center as clean as possible.

Why Is Raised Floor Cleaning Necessary?

Some computer equipment is sensitive to dust and debris. A buildup of dust can cause the machine to stop working entirely, which could be costly for the business. The dust also makes the equipment more likely to overheat because air cannot get in or out of the machine. With proper raised floor cleaning, you can keep these issues at bay and maximize the lifespan of the office equipment.

Vacuum before You Mop

Vacuuming will remove most of the dry dirt and debris from the floor before mopping. This is more effective than sweeping because the vacuum sucks particles as it moves, rather than pushing them around. Have a dedicate vacuum or set of vacuums for the data center. This should not be used in any other part of the office.

Bonus Tip: Use vacuums that have HEPA filtration systems. These are the best for removing airborne particles.

Use a Wet Mop, Not a Dry Mop

You should never use a dry mop or broom on raised flooring. These devices will push dust into the air, and they do not remove as much as wet mops. Of course, you should never use a sopping wet mop either. It should be damp enough to grab onto debris, but dry enough to not leave liquid on the tile flooring. Any cleaning products you use should be approved for data center cleaning.

Only Remove a Few Tiles at Once

If you are cleaning under the raised floor, only remove a few tiles at once. Replace those before moving on to the next section. This reduces the risk of dirt getting into the under area while it is left exposed. Having the floors open could also change the static pressure in the space, which may cause the equipment to overheat.

Keep Dirt from Getting into the Data Center

Do as much as you can to minimize dirt in the data center. This part of the building should be completely contained. Place sticky mats throughout the data center to attract dust that comes into the room. Create a separate space for unpacking servers so the packaging material does not get in the actual data center. Have workers use protective gear to keep dirt from coming off their clothes and into the center.

How Often Should Raised Flooring Be Cleaned?

Your raised floors should be cleaned at least once a year, but some offices may need quarterly or bi-monthly raised floor cleaning. You can talk to your janitorial company about your needs to plan a schedule best suited for your business. Call RJC Enterprises at 800-582-2105 to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about our data center cleaning services.


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