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5 Ways to Make Office Cleaning Fun

In the wise words of Mary Poppins, “In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun and snap! The job’s a game!” Office cleaning may not be the most exciting task in your workplace, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself along the way. To encourage your employees to clean up and to keep morale levels high as a whole, check out these five ways to make office cleaning fun.

Put up a Basketball Hoop above Trashcans and Recycle Bins

This is an old trick, but it offers a great stress relief for boring days at the office. If your business uses a lot of paper products that must be thrown away or recycled, small basketball goals above the wastebaskets can give employees some extra incentive to get the paper into the bin. Of course, you should restrict the use of basketball hoops to areas where customers are not going to see your waste (break rooms, stock rooms, etc.). It may not be professional for the CEO of the company to have a hoop above his office trash can.

Set up a Cleaning Rewards System

Create a cleaning rewards system in the office that encourages people to pick up during their free time. Assign points to different side duties around the office, and set up a sheet where people can log their cleaning tasks throughout the day. At the end of the week, the person with the most points gets a special prize – an extra hour of pay, a gift card to a restaurant nearby, free lunch for a week, etc. Set a rule that no one goes home until all the chores are done for the day. Some employees may have more time for cleaning tasks than others, so this gives people an opportunity to get rewarded for their extra efforts.

Hang Motivational Memes in Employee Areas

Memes are funny images from the internet that have words or phrases written on them. There are plenty of memes out there about throwing things in the trash, wiping down counters, etc. If you can’t find a meme that suits your needs, create your own! Change these out periodically to give your employees something to look forward to. This is a way to subtly remind employees about cleaning tasks while still keeping the spirit of the office lighthearted.

Have a “Mess” Day

Reserve one day a month to be a “mess” day, where everyone in the office throws out old papers, clears out the break room, and turns the office into chaos. This sounds counterproductive, but it essentially gives employees the opportunity to make a giant mess before everything gets cleaned up. Think of a child jumping in a pile of leaves before putting them into a trash bag. The same theory applies here. As long as the mess day occurs on a day without customers or in an area where customers cannot see what is going on, you can let your employees cut loose and then clean up after themselves.

Host Motivational Meetings about Cleaning

It’s not easy to get people motivated about cleaning, but with the right approach, you can get your employees excited about contributing to the workspace. Remind them that they are less likely to be stressed in a clean environment, and lead by example. Keep your personal workspace clean at all times, and don’t leave any food or trash lying around the break room. Your employees will soon see your quality standards and hopefully aim to live up to them.


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