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Why You Shouldn’t Bring Your Own Cleaning Products to Work

No one likes working in a dirty environment. That’s why most companies have dedicated cleaning crews to keep the workplace as hygienic as possible. If you’re a clean-minded person, you may be inclined to bring your own supplies to work to make sure your personal space is as tidy as it could possibly be. Before you do that though, you need to understand the impact your cleaning products could have on the building as a whole. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t bring your own cleaning products to work.

Chemical Safety Regulations

Just because you don’t have a reaction to a cleaning product doesn’t mean one of your clients or coworkers won’t. Most companies have strict guidelines against bringing cleaning products to work because of the safety hazards that come with cleaning supplies. Professional cleaning companies are trained to use the most effective products on the market that are least likely to spark an allergic reaction, a fire, a respiratory issue, or anything else along those lines. By bringing something from home into a public setting, you could be putting others in danger.

Odor Control

Nearly all cleaning products have some sort of scent, even if it’s mild. If your cleaning product has a strong smell, it could upset workers or other people around you in the work place. If they do not have a problem with the scent itself, they may have an issue breathing around it. Rather than appealing to your personal tastes, you need to consider what’s best for the office. Talk to your supervisor about any products you plan to bring in, or avoid bringing them altogether.

Odor Consistency

Odor consistency is another factor you have to think about in the workplace. If your office smells like pine and the office next door smells like clean linen, you are going to be sending mixed signals to your visitors. You also have to consider how the odors smell when combined, as they might be in the hallway. If the combination of odors smells unpleasant, you could be turning people away before they even make it to your door.

A professional cleaning crew will work with your management team to ensure that the entire office has the same clean, fresh smell that reflects the nature of your business. This odor will be picked out specifically for your office. Anything you bring in from your personal home could compromise that uniformity.

Cleaning Product Training

Learning how to use cleaning products properly is an important part of maintaining good hygiene levels in the workplace. You may think you know how to use your products, but that is not to say that you are in fact using them correctly. Your cleaning crew is trained how to handle these chemicals in a corporate setting to achieve the highest level of cleanliness. Leave that work up to the professionals so you can focus on other elements of your job.

Home Products Are Not Designed for Offices

Residential cleaning products are designed for residential use. It’s as simple as that. They go through an entirely different set of safety tests than commercial cleaning products, and they are made to stand up to household-sized messes, not office-sized messes. If you so not think the products being used in your workplace are working sufficiently, then you may discuss other options with your cleaning crew. They can help you find something that better suits your needs. Don’t take matters into your own hands. Work with your janitors to find the right cleaners for you.


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