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6 Tips for Fast Office Cleaning

Day to day office cleaning should keep your workplace looking great throughout the year, but sometimes you need a quick tidy-up. You might have people from corporate making an unexpected visit, or you decide to do a tour of the facility for potential interns. Whatever the case may be, you need to know how to clean the office on the fly. Here are some easy and effective tips for fast office cleaning. Does it feel like basic household chores take forever to complete? If so, you might want to take a look at these 6 tips for fast office cleaning. With the help of the right cleaning shortcuts, you can keep your home looking great without a ton of work.

Declutter First, Then Clean for Fast Office Cleaning

If you’re pressed for time, you want to focus on the areas that look the messiest at first glance. Piles of paperwork and full trash cans will be the most noticeable issues, so take care of the clutter around the office. If you have time to clean further, great! If not, at least you will make a good first impression.

Focus on High Traffic Areas

Another way to narrow down your cleaning space is to focus on the high traffic areas of the office. Walkways, waiting rooms, break rooms and bathrooms are the most important areas to tackle with fast office cleaning. Once those zones are clean, you can see if you have any time leftover to clean the rest of the office.

Dust from Top to Bottom

When you dust, start with the highest surface you want to clean, like picture frames or fan blades. Dust will fall to lower parts of the room as you go through it, forcing you to reclean if you work from the bottom up. Take care of the top first and you’ll only have to go over each surface once.

Clean Floors from Back to Front

Whether you are vacuuming, mopping, or sweeping, you want to start with the back corner of the room and work your way out the door. This will prevent you from stepping on the same areas over and over again, tracking in dirt in the process. Use long, firm strokes when you vacuum, and try to only make one stroke over each part of the floor. No one will notice if you miss an inch or two of the carpet.

Use Versatile Cleaning Products When Possible

If you’re just trying to wipe down surfaces quickly, use cleaning wipes or a universal solution that is safe for the surfaces you’re working with. This will allow you to work your way across the room quickly and efficiently because you won’t have to worry about changing out products. For general dusting, you can use microfiber cloths without water to get the room looking fresh and clean.

Have a Routine Office Cleaning Schedule

Ideally, you should have a routine office-cleaning plan with a team of professionals like RJC Enterprises. We can take care of the daily grime so your last minute cleaning goes smoothly. We will arrange a cleaning schedule that fits your needs and your budget, and we can schedule additional cleaning sessions before important events.

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