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Streamline Your Office Cleaning Fragrances

Office cleaning fragrances can keep your workplace smelling fresh and inviting. This only occurs if the fragrances are the same though, or at least complementary. If each area of the office has a completely different smell, it sends a bad message to customers. Let’s take a look at why you should streamline your office odors and steps you can take to make that happen.

Why You Don’t Want Mismatched Cleaning Fragrances

Mismatched office cleaning fragrances aren’t just annoying. They impact your client’s subconscious perception of your business. Here are some of the side effects of incompatible odors:

  • Customers may think you are trying to mask a foul odor, even if your office is pristinely clean. This will make them second-guess your office cleanliness as a whole.
  • Having uniform fragrances emphasizes the unanimity of your workplace. The entire team is working as a unit, not individuals in the same building.
  • Some fragrances create a negative odor when they’re combined, no matter how pleasant they smell on their own.
  • If one odor overpowers another, customers may believe that scent is too strong or unpleasant. In other words, the fragrances begin to compete with one another, and customers do not like being in the middle of that.

This is why you should simplify your cleaning methods to create a unified fragrance throughout the workplace.

Choose Office Cleaning Products from the Same Company

Manufacturers can name their office cleaning products whatever they want. Two companies that offer “fresh rain” as a scent may have two completely different fragrance profiles. Rather than buying multiple products with the same name, you should buy your products from the same company. This will reduce costs and ensure that you’re working with the same scent profile. If you work with a professional cleaning company, ask which products they use and request to purchase some for supplementary cleaning efforts around the office.

Select a Scent That Appeals to the Masses

You’re never going to please everyone, but you should select a cleaning fragrance that appeals to a wide range of people. Fresh scents like clean linen and lavender are neutral enough to work in most environments. If you get too specific with your cleaning products, you may alienate certain customers in the future. Avoid fragrances that are overwhelming, especially if your building has small offices and confined spaces. Those areas will make each odor seem stronger than it is.

Consider Odors That Already Exist in the Building

If you have odors in your building that you cannot change, use cleaning fragrances that mask or complement them. For instance, if your office is right next to a laundromat, the building is going to smell like detergent. You could use clean linen odors to work with that, rather than something that would compete with the laundry smell.

Talk to Your Cleaning Company about Your Options

The best way to streamline your office cleaning fragrances is to talk to your cleaning company about your options. Discuss the concerns you have with your current cleaning supplies, and make sure the supplies you use fit the fragrances in their supplies.

If you’re interested in office cleaning and would like a free quote, contact RJC Enterprises to schedule a consultation.


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