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A Guide for Restroom Odor Control: Part 1

Where Do Restroom Odors Come from?

There are some obvious sources of restroom odors, like human waste, and some not-so-obvious sources, like stagnant water from a dripping pipe. We will go over how to remove restroom odors later on in this guide, but first you must determine what the source of the restroom odors are. Are you simply dealing with odors that come from the nature of the restroom, or are you faced with mold, mildew, hard water, or some other issue that needs to be dealt with? Make sure to eliminate any longstanding restroom odor sources so you do not have to constantly mask them.

How to Deal with Restroom Odors

When it comes to removing restroom odors, there are two basic methods that professional cleaning companies use: apply fragrances that change the molecular structure of the odor or use cleaning products that seek out the source of the odor and consume it. Both options will leave the restroom smelling fresh, but the second one provides a longer-lasting result. With the fragrances, you are getting rid of the "smell" but the "odor" still exists. With the right cleaning systems, you are removing the source of the odor entirely.

While it may seem like you should clean the odors away, rather than masking them, the best odor control solution is to use both options simultaneously. The masking agents can help to keep the odor to a minimum in between cleanings, while the chemicals can get rid of the odor sources and minimize the amount of masking necessary. For example, it would be hard to clean a men’s restroom every time someone uses it, so a fragrance could help control the smell of urine in the bathroom. Regular cleaning throughout the day will get rid of urine in the tile grout, which can cause prolonged odors.

Masking restroom odor is simply not enough, but eliminating it may not prevent the restroom from smelling for very long. By creating a balance between cleanliness and coverage, you can make a bathroom smell less like, well, a bathroom.

Continue to Part 2 to learn about restroom odor removers and how to select the right one for your building.


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