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A Guide for Restroom Odor Control: Part 2

How to Choose the Right Restroom Odor Remover

Choosing the right restroom odor remover is about more than just selecting a scent you like. Studies have shown that people appreciate a light fragrance in a restroom, but a heavy, overpowering fragrance can be considered just as offensive as the foul odors you’re trying to mask. Thus it is important that you think about the power of the odor remover you’re using and how it will carry itself through the restroom.

Most business owners choose to use a fragrance dispenser to automatically spray a restroom with odor remover every so often. There are two main categories of fragrance dispensers: aerosol and gel. Aerosol units are similar to the cans of spray that you may use in your bathroom at home, while gel units are designed to act more like a heat-free candle. The gel inside them produces a lingering odor without actually "spraying" anything in the room.

The size and programmability of your dispenser will impact how the odor remover carries through the restroom. High-capacity dispensers can provide up to 900 sprays, which means you don’t have to change out the cartridge as often as you would with a smaller, more affordable unit. Either way, you will need to play around with the programming to create a light, pleasant odor in the restroom, not an overwhelming mask that makes users question what you’re hiding behind the fragrance.

For small, enclosed bathrooms, gel odor absorbers may be more fitting than aerosol sprays because they are less powerful and require less control. In a confined space, a simple gel unit is sufficient enough.

Choosing the Right Restroom Fragrance

There is a myriad of restroom fragrances on the market today, from coconut to Caribbean moonlight and everything in between. You can select just about any scent you want for your restroom, but there are a few key elements to keep in mind:

  • Try to get a deodorizer, not just a fragrance. This will eliminate odors in the air while simultaneously putting out a pleasant smell for your guests to enjoy.
  • Avoid overbearing odors that may be considered offensive to some restroom users.
  • Use the same fragrance throughout the restroom, including urinal mats, wall mounted dispensers, and any other odor removers around.
  • If you have other fragrances in your business, make sure that the fragrance in your bathroom complements what you are already using.
  • Consider using a seasonal scent around the holidays, like peppermint or pumpkin spice.
  • Test any fragrance you plan to use before you invest in a large quantity of it for the building.

The two most popular scents for restroom odor removers are cinnamon and citrus. Generic scents like "clean linen" or "ocean breeze" are also popular because of the fresh, clean feeling they provide for a space. Keep the tips above in mind as you work on your restroom odor control, and you will ensure your guests are happy with your workplace.


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