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Adjusting Your Healthcare Facility Cleaning for Winter

healthcare facility cleaning

Winter is a busy time for hospitals and doctors offices. Germs are spreading at a rapid rate, and you have to adjust your cleaning strategies to keep up with that. Read on to learn how you can improve your healthcare facility cleaning for the winter to protect your patients and your employees.

Make Hand Sanitizer Extremely Accessible

One of the best ways to control germs during the winter is to encourage visitors to use hand sanitizer. You probably have dispensers throughout your offices anyway, but at this time of year, you need to make them even more visible. Put up colorful displays that point guests to the hand sanitizer, and ask your employees to frequently clean their hands throughout the day. These preventative efforts will make a big difference in the keeping your facility germ free.

Encourage Employees to Wipe down Their Stations

Your employees spend all day at their desks or in their offices. It is easy for them to wipe down countertops, computers, pens, doorknobs and other surfaces in between official cleaning sessions. The janitorial company will be in charge of the detailed cleaning, but the employees can supplement their efforts throughout the day. Talk to your cleaning company about the best way to clean work stations in your healthcare facility, and then train your employees to follow suit.

Check Your Air Filtration System

Your air filters are working overtime in the winter. They are vital to helping control germs in your office, so you need to make sure the filters are clean and functional. Healthcare facilities have advanced filtration systems that require specific care. Discuss your options with your cleaning company to make sure you’re set for wintertime.

Use Walk-Off Mats to Collect Water and Snow

Germs aren’t the only things you have to worry about in the winter. Visitors will track snow and ice into the building, which will make your floors dirty and slippery. The salt used to melt ice can scratch hard floor surfaces and break down carpet fibers. If you use walk-off mats near the entrances, you can reduce the amount of water and salt that comes into the building. The mats are designed to trap debris from shoes and prevent water from getting into the building. They should be cleaned/changed out regularly as part of your healthcare facility cleaning schedule.

Talk to Your Cleaning Company about Your Needs

You know your healthcare facility better than anyone. Some parts of the building may get more use in the winter than others. Talk to your cleaning company about seasonal shifts in foot traffic so they can adjust your cleaning schedule accordingly. You can also discuss changes in operating hours, if the cold weather or limited daytime hours affect the times that you’re open. The team here at RJC Enterprises would be happy to take care of your healthcare facility cleaning needs. Contact RJC Enterprises today to learn more.


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