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How Snow Impacts Your Commercial Floor Cleaning

Snow is beautiful to look at, but it can be a nightmare to clean off your flooring. That’s because it’s not just snow you’re dealing with – it’s the dirt, salt, and other debris that comes with it. Let’s take a look at how snow impacts commercial floor cleaning so you can plan accordingly.

The Side Effects of Snow

When people enter your building with snow on their shoes, they bring salt and dirt along with the snow. This debris will break down carpet fibers and dull the appearance of your flooring. The snow itself melts into water, which creates high volumes of moisture on your flooring. The water will either become a trip hazard on smooth flooring, or it will become a mold hazard for carpeted flooring. No matter what type of flooring you have, you need to keep snow and ice under control in the winter.

Preventing Snow and Ice from Entering Your Building

The best way to control snow and ice is to put walk-off mats near the entry points for the building. These mats give people a designated space to wipe their feet before they walk inside. the mats should be cleaned regularly as part of your commercial floor cleaning schedule, but we can set all that up for you. We can also recommend the best type of walk-off mat for your building so you can get maximum protection from snow and salt.

Another way to prevent snow and ice from coming in is to shovel the walkways frequently. If people have a snow-free path to enter your building, they will take it without question. This also reduces the trip and fall hazards on the property, and it makes the building feel more welcoming.

Commercial Floor Cleaning for Snow

Despite all your preventative efforts, some snow and ice is bound to come into your building. You may need to increase the frequency of your commercial floor cleaning during the winter months because of the added wear and tear. If you have carpeting, our commercial carpet cleaners will strip moisture from the floors and get rid of the salt that’s hurting your carpet fibers. If you have hard floors, our floor cleaning machines will eliminate boot marks, dirty shoe prints, and more. Either way, your flooring will look clean and refreshed for the next day.

Because this is a high demand season for commercial floor cleaning, it is best to schedule your cleaning as soon as possible. Many stores book extra cleaning sessions at this time because of the high foot traffic of the shopping season. All of this can create delays if you wait until too long to schedule a cleaning. Contact RJC Enterprises, and we will set up a cleaning plan that is perfect for your business.


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