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Creating an Allergy-Friendly Commercial Property


Spring is upon us, and with pollen levels reaching new heights comes a rise in allergies for many people. Seasonal allergies can be difficult to manage when you can’t escape them, even when walking indoors. Showing the community where your property is located that you care about their well-being is one of the fundamentals of running a successful business. All you need to do is take steps to lower the allergen load in your building. With the following tips, you can ensure that you are creating an allergy-friendly commercial property for all who walk through its doors. And you don’t have to implement them by yourself; there are commercial building cleaning services that can help you.

Proper Filtration

Every time you open a window or door to your building, pollen can creep its way inside. Along with dust and other allergens found in buildings, this can be a recipe for a flare-up. That’s why proper filtration is essential in creating an allergy-friendly commercial property.

Proper filtration can come in the form of ensuring you change your HVAC system filter regularly. There are also many industrial air purifiers that can assist you in removing unwanted irritants from the air in your building. The next tip in this article can also assist you in having cleaner indoor air.

Frequent Dusting

From the previous section of this article, you now know that having clean air is vital for having an allergy-friendly environment. Dust is one of the most common allergy triggers and can cause itchy eyes and skin, as well as runny noses. For that reason, it is essential for your building to receive frequent dusting.

Many property owners have their cleaning crews dust off commonly-used surfaces. That can include counters, desks, handles, and light switches. But what about those hard-to-reach places where we all know dust settles. Whether it’s the corners of the ceiling, shelving, or under office furniture, it’s essential to keep these areas dust-free as well. Consider adding hard-to-reach dust removal to your weekly clean-up routine. This step can place less of a burden on not only the people who visit your building but the HVAC system as well.

Thorough Sanitization

Whether you’re trying to keep allergies at bay or prevent the common cold, the hygiene of your space matters. It is your duty as a property owner to ensure your building is safe for entry and operation. The process of thorough sanitization can help ensure that.

Sanitization is a critical component of keeping allergens levels low in your building. By wiping down surfaces using an anti-bacterial cleaner, you can help people who walk through your doors have a more pleasant experience. It will help them avoid common irritants and, therefore, allergic reactions.

RJC can Help You!

RJC is here to help you have a safe and allergy-friendly space with our commercial property cleaning services! Our green cleaning and sanitization services are perfect for reaching your goals as an allergy-friendly building. You can learn more about them and how they will benefit your building by checking out our website.

Allergy season is here, so don’t delay – get a free estimate today!


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