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Avoid These 7 Floor Stripping Mistakes

Floor stripping is an incredibly tedious cleaning task that some businesses invest in every few years. This process removes all of the old wax and soil from the surface of the floor so it can be resealed and made new again. If you are planning to do this in your business in the near future, avoid these seven floor stripping mistakes.

1 – Not Knowing the Floor Type

Different types of flooring materials require different care during floor stripping. The abrasive equipment and chemicals used on a concrete floor would not suit a hardwood floor. Understand how to clean the specific flooring you have in the building so you do not cause permanent damage.

2 – Using Dirty Tools

Make sure all mops, buckets, cleaning pads, and other tools of the trade are cleaned thoroughly before stripping the floor. If you work with a good cleaning company, you should not have to worry about this. However, if you notice the company using dirty equipment on the floors, you may need to question the quality of their work.

3 – Not Diluting the Stripping Solution

Most floor strippers must be diluted before they can be applied. You will need to make sure that yours is diluted properly to avoid a messy cleanup later on. Use cold water for diluting for the best results.

4 – Working in Too Big of an Area

Floor stripping works best when you work in several small areas throughout the property. Section off the floor into small, manageable sections that you can easily clean. This will ensure that you do not skip over anything, and it will allow you to efficiently move around the building. Sectioning also reduces the amount of space cut off from customers, which will ultimately help the business.

5 – Not Posting Safety Cones around Work Zones

To protect guests and employees during floor stripping, mark off the section you’re working on with safety cones. This will also give you a clear outline of the space you need to be working in. If you do not have safety cones, find a creative way to barricade yourself in place.

6 – Getting Impatient

As we mentioned at the beginning, floor stripping is a very tedious and time consuming process. If you try to rush through it, the results will not be worth the hassle in the first place. If there are chemicals that need to sit on the floor for an extended time, allow them to do so before cleaning them up. Also allot for the appropriate dry times before letting customers come back onto the floor.

7 – Not Paying Professionals to Strip the Floors for You

It is always best to leave floor stripping to the professionals because they have the tools and experience necessary to get the job done right. Not only will they be able to avoid the floor stripping mistakes listed above, but they will also be able to clean more efficiently than you could on your own. Find a good cleaning or flooring company to strip your floors for you, and you can enjoy the new surface in no time.


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