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Outdoor Cleaning Will Dramatically Reduce Indoor Cleaning Needs

Want to cut back on your indoor cleaning time? Start outside the building. By tidying up the often-forgotten outdoor spaces surrounding your school, office, store, etc., you can drastically reduce your indoor cleaning needs. Here are some tips to help you keep your building looking its best from the outside in.

Keep Your Mats Clean

The mats in front of your building and inside the entryway will play a big role in dirt and mud control. Even if they look clean, you should wash them off at least once a week to ensure that they are doing their job. As an alternative, you could have a backup set of mats that you switch out every week or every few days, depending on the traffic. That way, you can have the other mats cleaned while you use the new ones.

Contain Your Trash

Make sure your outdoor trash is kept in a well-sealed container. In most cases, this will be a large dumpster positioned away from your front door. Maintaining your trash like this will minimize the chances of insects and other critters getting into the garbage, which could cut back on the trash around the property. If you frequently have cups and bags blowing in from your front door, you need to secure your garbage better.

Sweep Up Leaves

Leaves are so easy to track into a building because they are light weight and they catch wind drafts. Keep the leaves cleaned up around any entry point for your building, including backdoor used for shipments or employees. You can use a simple leaf blower to do this, or you could rake/sweep the leaves into a bag. The goal is to get them as far from your front door as possible.

Spray for Spiders

If you are tired of cleaning up cobwebs around the building, have your property sprayed for spiders and insects. This will minimize your cleaning needs and keep your guests safe at the same time. How often you need to have your building sprayed will depend on several factors, like your location and the time of year. If your building is right next to a dense forest, you may need to be sprayed once every couple months. For most commercial properties, quarterly spray cycles are plenty sufficient for pest control.

Focus on the outside of your building, and you will improve the inside of it at the same time.


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