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Benefits of Year-Round Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Offices, retail stores, libraries and other commercial buildings receive a tremendous amount of foot traffic throughout the year. In order to keep your floors looking their best, it’s important set up a year-round commercial carpet cleaning plan. This will include deep-cleaning sessions during specific seasons, as well as day-to-day vacuuming to eliminate surface debris.

Here are some of the benefits of year-round commercial carpet cleaning programs.

Extend the Life of Your Carpeting

Replacing your carpet can be quite expensive, especially if you operate from a large building. Rather than getting new carpet every few years, you can extend the life of your carpet with a proper maintenance plan. This will keep your floors looking fresh and smelling clean so they do not become an eyesore in the office. You will actually save money in the long run because you can get the most out of the carpet you already have.

Eliminate Stains Early on

The longer you let a stain sit, the harder it is to get rid of. Soiled areas tend to attract dirt and grime more than clean ones, so a small stain could turn into a large one in no time. If you have routine carpet cleaning, you can eliminate spots and stains when they first happen, thereby reducing your overall cleaning times. This also protects your carpet from chemicals that may damage the fibers.

Keep Your Carpet Fluffy

Commercial carpet cleaning will fluff your carpets and keep them as plush as possible. Your carpets will lose some of their fluff from natural wear and tear, but the cleaning process will give them new life. Not only will this make your flooring look better, but it will also make it easier to walk on. Your employees and customers will thank you for that.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Carpeting attracts dust and airborne pollutants. These particles will get thrown into the air every time someone walks across the floor. By cleaning your carpets regularly, you can improve your indoor air quality and allow everyone in your building to breathe easier. Subsequently, this will increase the life of your air filtration system because it will not have to work as hard to keep your office clean.

Maintain Your Carpeting Warranty

If you have a warranty on your commercial carpet, chances are it has rules about how often your carpets need to be cleaned and shampooed. If you do not have a year-round carpet cleaning plan, your warranty may be voided entirely. Talk to your carpet cleaning company about the terms and conditions on your warranty so they can create a plan that suits your needs.

Keep Carpet Looking Uniform

Areas with heavy foot traffic, such as hallways and entryways, will get worn down more than others. This may eventually create a noticeable area of matting on the floors. If your carpets are cleaned properly, they will look the same from wall to wall. Your building will look cleaner as a whole, and your workers will be happier in a clean environment.

To learn more about commercial carpet cleaning or to set up a routine carpet maintenance plan, contact RJC Enterprises at 800-582-2105. One of our knowledgeable agents would be more than happy to assist you.


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