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How to Revitalize Matted Office Carpet

Is your office carpet matted, flat and worn down? This is common in commercial buildings because they receive such high volumes of foot traffic throughout the day. This doesn’t mean you have to live with flat carpet forever. There are plenty of ways to revitalize matted office carpet and prevent matting in the future. Check out these tips, courtesy of our commercial carpet cleaning company.

DIY Matted Carpet Fluffing (Not Ideal for Commercial Carpeting)

If you have a small office or a targeted area of matting, you could try the DIY carpet fluffing method. There are several “home remedies” for carpet matting, but none of them are ideal for large areas of flattened carpeting. You could wet the carpet down with some water or an ice cube (let it melt) and then scrub the carpet with a stiff brush. You could also apply baking soda to the carpet and let it sit overnight. Then vacuum it up the next day.

You have to be careful about the chemical you use because some are not designed for commercial carpeting. They may break down your carpet fibers or cause discoloration. The DIY methods are best reserved for at-home practices or small areas of matting, such as underneath furniture legs.

Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

This is the best way to bring new life to your carpet. A commercial carpet cleaning company will have the tools, equipment and expertise to deep-clean your flooring and re-fluff the fibers. This will eliminate deep-set stains and make the carpet look like new again. You can schedule a professional cleaning outside of normal business hours so your business operations are not disrupted.

In addition to a one-time carpet cleaning, you should set up a year-round maintenance plan for commercial carpeting. This will extend the life of your carpet, and it will prevent future matting. At RJC Enterprises, we use the best carpet cleaning technology on the market to get top-quality results in the fastest time possible. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Quick Tips to Prevent Matted Office Carpet

Once you have re-fluffed your office carpet, you can use these tips to prevent matting later on:

  • Use rugs in areas with high foot traffic. The rugs can be cleaned on their own, or you can get new ones once they become heavily worn. If any staining occurs, it will happen on the rugs instead of your actual carpeting. Hallways and entryways are ideal areas for rugs and carpet runners.
  • Move your furniture around every few months. This doesn’t have to be a big move – just a few inches will suffice. Re-arranging your furniture like this will distribute weight on different parts of the carpet, making it less likely to mat under the legs of the furniture.
  • If you’re getting new carpet, invest in the good stuff. High quality carpet is made to be more durable. It can withstand the day-to-day wear that offices tend to have. Combine this with a routine carpet cleaning plan, and you won’t have to replace your carpet for years to come.
  • Don’t cover problem areas – fix them. You may be tempted to hide matting with furniture or a new rug, but that won’t make the problem go away. If you can fluff the carpet without having to cover it, you will be much better off in the long run.

Follow the tips above, and your office carpet will look great well into the future.

To learn more about commercial carpet cleaning or to set up a routine carpet maintenance plan, contact RJC Enterprises at 800-582-2105. One of our knowledgeable agents would be more than happy to assist you.


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