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Brand Building through Custom Walk-off Floor Mats

Walk-off floor mats help keep your floors clean, but they also provide a fantastic marketing opportunity for you to take advantage of. After all, your floor mats are some of the first things people see when they approach your building. You might as well make the most of this encounter with a personalized mat that represents your business. Read on to learn about brand building through custom walk-off mats so you can select the perfect mat for your needs.

Choosing the Right Custom Features for Your Floor Mats

When it comes to customizing your floor mats, the possibilities are endless. You can design just about anything you want and make it come to life for your flooring. As you start the design process, consider the following factors:

• Shapes and styles that best reflect your business logo or design scheme
• Mat dimensions and shapes that fit your entrances well
• Colors that hide dirt and debris while still complementing your business as a whole
• Custom-cut mats that cover a floor from wall to wall (like in an elevator or small vestibule)
• Taglines, logos, and other design elements that show your customers what you have to offer
• Fibers and matting materials that best suit your foot traffic levels, environment, and more

There is no limit to the number of ways you can customize your mats. If you simply want to add a logo to a standard rectangular mat, so be it. Just think about what your customers will see when they enter your business and make sure that is something worth remembering.

Weighing out Cost vs. Reward

Of course, every customization comes at a price. Before you go crazy with your custom walk-off mats, you need to determine how much you can afford to spend on them. The brand recognition will pay off for itself in the end, but you still need to make sure you’re going to get a lot for your investment. If your business does not get a lot of foot traffic, it may be best to keep the customizations simple and to a minimum.

Pricing will vary considerably based on your design, but most custom floor mats costs 2 to 4 times as much as their standard floor mat equivalents. In other words, think about how much you would pay for a stock floor mat with similar dimensions, and then double or quadruple that price. You can run some cost comparisons once you nail down your design ideas to get a more accurate figure of what you’ll need to pay.

When Is the Best Time to Buy a Custom Floor Mat?

You can buy custom floor mats all throughout the year. The most popular sales time for custom floor mats is in August and September, just before the weather starts to turn cool. As snow, rain, and sleet start to roll in, there is a greater need for floor mats to prevent slip and fall hazards. Nevertheless, you can order your mat at any time and instantly enhance the exterior of your building.


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