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Protect Your Floors with Enhanced Floor Stripping Programs

With the right floor stripping program in place, you can increase the life of your flooring and reduce your floor maintenance needs at the same time. Every business has a unique set of needs and goals when it comes to floor stripping, so it’s important to come up with a program that is right for you. In this discussion, we will explain how to minimize floor maintenance costs and protect your flooring with enhanced floor stripping programs.

Set Goals for Floor Stripping and Cleaning

Every plan starts with a set of goals you want to accomplish. Work with your cleaning crew to determine what you want out of your floor maintenance program. Do you want your floors to look wet and shiny or clear and clean? How often do you want your floors to be stripped? How deep of a cleaning do you want with each stripping cycle? Talk about all of these matters with your floor cleaners to come up with a plan for your business.

Determine What Products You Need for Your Floor Stripping

The products used in your floor stripping program may be different than those used in someone else’s program. Common examples of floor stripping and cleaning products include:

• Dust mops and brooms, for top surface cleaning
• Wet cleaners, for a deeper clean than a mop will allow
• Top scrub cleaners, when wet cleaners aren’t enough
• Floor strippers, to scrub the floors down to their roots
• Floor finishers, to re-apply sealants on the floors
• Walk-off mats, to collect dirt and moisture before they get into the building

You may need specific cleaning products based on the type of flooring you have in your building. For instance, if you have old or antique floors, you may not be able to use floor strippers at all. The equipment may be too harsh for the flooring you have on your property. Discuss your options with your cleaning crew to come up with the best course of action for you.

How to Extend the Time between Floor Stripping

You can reduce your costs and increase the lifetime of your flooring by extending the time between your floor stripping sessions. This requires work from both your cleaning crew and your employees, so make sure both sets of people are properly trained on your floor maintenance expectations. Here are some different steps you can take to lengthen the time between stripping procedures:

• Sweep sidewalks regularly to minimize the amount of dirt people collect on their shoes
• Have a solid mat system in place for each of your entrances to absorb moisture, mud, and dirt at the door
• Vacuum walk-off mats on a daily basis
• Wet clean your mats once a week, twice a month, or however often is necessary based on your business traffic
• Sweep and mop floors regularly to prevent dirt build-up on the flooring
• Place rugs to protect the floors in high-traffic areas, like popular store aisles or the walkway to the restrooms
• Work with professional floor strippers with high-quality equipment so you get the most of each stripping session


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