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Mistakes businesses make when hiring a commercial cleaning company

commercial cleaning company

Small business owners are incredibly busy these days and certainly have very limited, if any, extra time to clean their offices. Large corporations have a great deal of square footage needing cleaning attention. In either case, you want to work in a clean, organized environment free of dust, allergens, and all manner of related distractions. But there are so many professional cleaning companies available, choosing the right one can be daunting at best. So much so, in fact, that frustration can set in and lead to mistakes with long-term consequences. That said, it is important to avoid some of the more common mistakes when hiring a commercial cleaning company.

It’s Not all About Cost

No matter how large or small, your company likely has a specific budget available for cleaning services. However, the best strategy is not always to go with the cheapest option and sacrifice quality for cost. There are plenty of cleaning companies out there more than willing to take a job for less money but what will you get in return? Shop around for quotes from reputable companies and compare costs to fit your needs.

References Matter

It is an extra step on your part and takes a little more time, but checking a commercial cleaning company references is very important. A cleaning company with a solid track record should have and be more than willing to provide a list of references from prior customers. Reaching out to past clients allows you to get a feel of a service’s reliability, experience, and quality in their area of expertise. In addition, reference contacts can provide little details about your potential new cleaning service that you might not otherwise be privy to.

Be Sure They’re Covered

Hiring an uninsured commercial cleaning service is a bad idea. If an accident occurs while the cleaning crew in on site at your property, you are responsible for any related medical costs and in fact your company’s insurance company can be sued for any incurred pain and suffering by the cleaning crew. In addition, the commercial cleaning company will not be required to pay for damaged or broken items or any future issues caused by their work. Always be sure a cleaning service is fully insured.

Don’t Forget About Licenses and Certifications

A trustworthy cleaning service should include licenses and certifications to accompany their insured status and this is an especially critical aspect to be aware of. There is no shortage of scams out there and the onus is on you to check all related documents before hiring a cleaning service. You must be able to trust who you hire to do a professional job. This is also an opportunity to ask further details about the company’s experience and specialization.

The Contract is Key

Don’t let your busy day keep you from reading and fully understanding a cleaning company’s contract. Be sure the services you need are included in the contract details and look for any clauses related to property damage. Not reading a contract can lead to huge internal losses. Be aware from the very start.

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