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Keep a clean workplace for healthier and happier employees

clean workplace

Is your employee morale drooping like a bed of flowers in the fall? Is the team just going through the motions and more concerned about vacation time, their next raise, and better benefits than contributing solid performance? A good cleaning might be the spark they need. Assuming your employees themselves are already sparkly clean, an unkempt environment might be affecting overall performance. This is one of those issues we rarely hear about but it plays a big part in an efficient and productive office. In fact, several Ivy League universities conducted studies that revealed improved office air quality and a clean workplace directly improves productivity.

Coal miners and sewer workers don’t have much choice, but sending your employees off to work in similar dingy, cluttered conditions is no way to inspire them. Maintaining a clean and healthy office, on the other hand, can dramatically impact your staff’s mood and behavior. A clean, bright, and vibrant workplace goes a long way in keep sprits high and saves the company money as well.

Get clean and save cash

Health troubles brew in an office long neglected by the cleaning crew. Germs and bacteria love a dirty office and will be glad to spread their nastiness to anyone working nearby. Consider that worker illness and injury costs US employers more than $200 billion every year and to assuage that might blow, you can start by cleaning things up. It’s pretty simple: healthy workers have more energy and creativity and that leads to improved performance.

A clean office is great customer service as well, especially if your customers regularly visit in person. Clean and organized inspires confidence in customers and their desire to do more business with you. On the flip side, a customer walking into filth and clutter are likely to question your commitment to their needs as well. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to keep your office looking its best:

First impressions go a long way

Just as you have about 10 seconds to make a great first impression on someone; a clean and organized office is a bit hit to potential clients, instilling trust in you right from the start. Keep your reception area looking professional and streamlined, and carry the same vibe throughout the building.

Happy employees = productive employees

In today’s frenetic business world, many workers spend a great deal of time at their office. If they are putting in the effort for the company, you should return the favor by ensuring they have a clean and organized environment to do their best work. It’s no secret that a happy, satisfied employee is far more productive and a direct reflection of your brand. Indeed, employees are more than just workers; they become marketing channels and you want those channels tuned in.

A healthy office inspires healthy lifestyles

Establishing healthy habits at the office is a great way to inspire the same at home. Offer weekly yoga sessions, group hikes, or friendly evening runs to encourage a healthy world throughout your employees’ days. For more information on healthy workplace environments, contact RJC Enterprises at (800) 582-2105 or rjcenterprises.com.


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