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Cleaning Can Save The Planet

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Are you trying to create a business model within your more eco-conscious company? Do you value your ability to make an impact on your community and the overall planet? If so, you should you know about one simple and easy way you can reduce your carbon footprint.

What if we told you that cleaning could save the planet? Or more precisely, how what you clean with can reduce toxic VOC emissions.

In today’s article, we want to discuss how typical commercial cleaning products can cause harm to the environment. We’ll also tell you about an easy-to-implement solution that some commercial property cleaning companies offer!

Are You Using Harmful Cleaners?

What you choose to clean your commercial property with can make a significant impact on the health of our planet. When you use standard cleaning products, you may be spraying harmful chemicals into the air. Cleaning products that contain heavy amounts of bleach or that come from aerosol cans are major culprits of a growing issue.

If you are unsure whether you are using harmful cleaning products, check the labels. They will often indicate the main ingredients used to make the product. If the ingredients aren’t on the bottle, a quick Google search will tell you everything you need to know.

How They Affect the Planet

Now that you know what is in your standard cleaners, it is vital to understand how they affect the planet. You will be shocked at how the simple cleaners every homeowner keeps under their sinks can affect the world.

Certain chemicals found in cleaning products are known to emit VOCs and cause smog formation outdoors. There have also been reports that the same chemicals and emissions can have negative impacts on animal and human health. If you want to ensure the safety of the environment and everyone who enters your building, you will need to reduce your toxic load.

The Best Solution

Not all hope is lost when it comes to reducing your toxic load. There is a very simple solution to ensuring the safety of your building staff and visitors. All you need to do is implement green cleaning solutions into your cleaning routine.

You may be wondering, what are green cleaning solutions. Don’t worry – we’ll tell you!

Green cleaning solutions are EPA-approved cleaning products and methods that are better for the environment and your health. They contain minimal to no harmful chemicals, so you can feel at ease and protect the planet.

The Answer to Your Question

You’re probably still unsure of the answer to the title of this article. The truth is, it is nuanced.

Cleaning itself can’t save the planet, but what you use to clean can prevent more damage from occurring. All it takes is one small switch from you to make a big impact on the future.

Don’t speed up climate change, slow it down, and make a difference by switching to green cleaning solutions!

How RJC can Help in Your Quest

At RJC we help commercial property managers just like you keep their buildings sparkling. We achieve this with our variety of commercial building cleaning services, including green cleaning!

If you want to save the planet and slow the effects of climate change, switch to green cleaning with the help of RJC. Contact us today to receive a free estimate!


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