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Summer Commercial Building Cleaning

summer commercial cleaning

The season is soon changing again. We are saying farewell to our April showers and our May flowers and welcoming the sunny days of summer.

With every seasonal change, commercial property managers everywhere have to take steps to ensure their buildings are ready. And we don’t just mean switching out your decor to suit the season.

There are different maintenance techniques you should add to your routine to keep your building safe and clean.

The team here at RJC wants to share our top commercial building cleaning tips for summer maintenance!

Keep The Air Fresh

There is more to keeping your building air fresh during the summer than simply changing the air filter and cleaning the HVAC system. You need to make the system’s job easier by ensuring there are minimal pollutants in the air to begin with.

That means you have to dust and sanitize regularly!

Removing dust, debris, and bacteria from your commonly-used spaces can significantly improve overall air quality. Did you know that dust can carry harmful toxins within its microbiome? Bacteria, fungi, and viruses can make up a percentage of a dust particle’s organisms.

With high-quality and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions, you can instantly improve your building’s air quality and keep your staff and patrons safe.

Say Goodbye to Pollen

Pollen is one of the few downsides of the warmer seasons. As their levels rise, you will notice a green/yellow dust coating your floors. Although it is inevitable that pollen will be brought in by foot traffic, there is a way to make clean up easier.

If you have concrete or Terrazzo flooring, putting a fresh seal on your floor may be able to help!

When polish begins to wear and fade, dust and debris can easily adhere to the floor. And that includes pollen. The good news is that once you get your floors freshly polished and sealed, you won’t have to do it again for several years.

Let The Sun Shine Through

Letting the hot summer sunshine through your windows can help give your commercial property a warm and inviting feel. It can also help keep mold growth at bay.

As summer approaches, many building owners will notice an increase in moisture. Whether it’s from rain or morning condensation, they both provide the key ingredient for mold.

Mold needs darkness to fully grow and spread. By letting the sun through your windows, you will help keep your space dry and mold-free.

That’s why you should always ensure your windows are crystal-clear by using an environmentally-safe cleaning solution.

RJC is Here to Get You Summer-Ready!

At RJC, we aim to help commercial building owners keep their spaces immaculate with our variety of cleaning services.

We offer everything from floor sealing and polishing to sanitization and green cleaning.

Let us help you keep up on your summer commercial cleaning building maintenance. Contact us today, and we’ll provide you with a free quote on your chosen service! RJC is always here to assist you with your commercial building cleaning needs.


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