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Cleaning for Educational Buildings Goes beyond the Surface

Children are more susceptible to airborne germs and harmful chemicals than adults are, so their work environment must be cleaned in a unique way. At RJC, we understand the specific needs associated with schools and daycare facilities, and we are able to make our adjustments accordingly. Here is a look at some of the tasks that come with janitorial services for educational buildings.

Sanitation Solutions for All Surfaces

One of the biggest focuses in educational cleaning is sanitation. The close proximity of students, teachers, and other staff members creates the perfect breeding ground for germs. The only way to reduce that germ production is to clean the surfaces they grow on. We work with a number of safe chemicals to disinfect desks, bookshelves, floors, door handles, and every other surface a child may come across so students are not exposed to excessive levels of germs.

Improved Air Quality throughout the Building

Germs don’t just live on desks and bookshelves. They can float through the air and infect your students and teachers with little effort at all. By disinfecting the air and improving the air quality in your school, we will help your students stay healthy and avoid unnecessary sick days. This is especially important in the winter months when cold and flu viruses are rampant.

Reduced Asthma Triggers for Sensitive Students

Young children are particularly susceptible to asthma triggers, far more than adults. Most adults are able to grow out of their asthma symptoms over time, but children have a harder time breathing normally. Dust particles in the air and harmful cleaning chemicals can act as asthma triggers in educational buildings. That is why we use safe, effective chemicals to clean the building without harming the students along the way.

Enjoyable Learning Environments for Teachers and Students

The best part about having proper cleaning services for your school is the fact that they create a positive environment for students to learn in. Teachers are more efficient because they can think clearly in their classrooms, and students can absorb more information. As simple as it sounds, having a clean space to work in will boost the energy and effectiveness of your educational program.

Cleaning for educational buildings goes far beyond the surface, which is why it is so important to have the right people on board to for your janitorial needs. Contact RJC to learn more about our educational cleaning opportunities. 



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