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Common Commercial Carpet Cleaning Challenges – How to Fix and Avoid Them

In the world of commercial carpet cleaning, we see the same issues come up time and time again. No matter what kind of carpet you have in your business or how well you maintain it, you will likely come across these issues at some point in your operation. Understanding how to fix the carpet problems that arise will allow you to get the most use out of your flooring in the long run. Here is a look at some common commercial carpet cleaning challenges and their solutions.


Mold can build up in the carpeting if the floors are exposed to excessive moisture. Some climates and work environments are more susceptible to carpet mold than others. Plumbing issues in the walls or underneath the subfloor may also lead to a buildup of mold, even if there are no other sources of moisture in the area. Having mold in your carpet could be a health hazard to you, your guests, and your employees.

How to Fix It: Hire a trained professional to remove the mold from your property. If you try to do this on your own, you might aggravate the mold spores and make the problem much worse.

How to Prevent It: Monitor the moisture levels in your work space and try to keep them to a minimum. If you operate in a naturally humid area or run a business with excessive moisture in the air, consider alternative flooring options that are not as susceptible to mold.

Rips, Tears, and Fraying

As your carpet undergoes continuous foot traffic, the seams in the fibers begin to weaken. Over time, this could cause the carpeting to rip, tear, or fray in certain areas. These problems may also be the result of sharp objects near the ground, like the corner of a heavy piece of furniture.

How to Fix It: you may be able to stretch your carpeting to hide the rips, or you might be able to replace a certain section of your carpet. This, again, is a job usually best left to professionals.

How to Prevent It: Add runners and rugs to high-traffic areas of your business so there is an extra layer of protection over your carpet. You may also consider using wood or tile for your walkways because those materials will be more durable and easier to clean.

Constant Resoiling

If you feel that your carpet looks dingier than it should in a short amount of time, it may not have been cleaned properly to begin with. This often happens when chemical residue is left in the carpets or when the original layer of dirt is not removed effectively.

How to Fix It: Re-clean your carpets with a steamer or heated extractor, or hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to do the work for you. This should remove the chemical residue and underlying soils in the carpet without adding to the problem.

How to Prevent It: Avoid using quick-fix carpet cleaning methods just because they’re cheap. In most cases, you get what you pay for. 



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