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How to Prepare Your Commercial Space for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and Flu season

Cold and flu season is soon arriving, and that means it’s time to prepare your commercial space or business.

Preventive measures are worth an ounce of cure for both your employees and the daily operations of your commercial space. If you actively prevent the spread of the cold and flu, you can avoid days of sick leaves and hours of frustration due to low staffing.

Keep reading if you need help keeping your building safe from the cold and flu. Whether you own a warehouse, office, medical facility, or hotel, we have the tips to help keep your clients and staff safe this season.

Equip Your Employees

Your first line of defense is equipping your staff with the tools they need to stay safe. But what does equipping your staff look like?

Ensuring your staff has the right tools for safety looks like placing hand sanitizer on every tabletop surface, making disinfecting wipes and sprays readily available, and in extreme measures supplying medical masks.

These stools allow your staff to perform their daily routines safely without worry of coming in contact with or spreading the cold or flu around.

Invest in Sanitization

Outside of ensuring your staff and employees have access to things like hand sanitizer and disinfecting supplies, you also need to invest in overall sanitization. That means allowing a professional cleaning service in your area to perform specific sanitization practices that will significantly reduce the number of bacteria and viral pathogens in your work environment.

One of the primary disinfecting services a commercial building can utilize is electrostatic spray cleaning. This style of cleaning uses an EPA-approved disinfecting liquid along with an electrostatic sprayer to administer it. The electrical charge allows for the liquid to stick to and reach services that the average cleaner can not go to and often misses.

Encourage Sick Leave

One of the best ways to avoid an outbreak of the cold and flu in your commercial space is to encourage employees to take sick leave. Business owners and employees can often feel obligated to work even when feeling under the weather. This can occur for many reasons, including financial constraints and fear of losing their job.

As an employer, part of your mission is to create a physically and emotionally healthy work environment. Employees should not fear losing their job due to taking time off if the company culture creates a healthy mindset surrounding the matter. As an owner or boss, you have the power to create this healthy mindset.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia Areas

Do you want to ensure your commercial building is safe for operation during the cold and flu season? RJC is the commercial cleaning company for you!

We offer a variety of cleaning and disinfecting services that will help you keep your staff safe from seasonal ick! We even provide electrostatic spray cleaning in cases of viral outbreaks.

RJC is here to help you have a safe, clean, and sparkling work environment with our variety of commercial cleaning services. For a free estimate, contact RJC today!


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