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How the Commercial Cleaning Industry Has Changed

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Over the last two years, commercial cleaning has changed. The world now requires a greater focus on public safety, and the emphasis that commercial cleaning companies have placed on better sanitizing methods and policies has helped the world move forward from challenging times. Additionally, it continues to shape the way the entire commercial cleaning industry operates.

In today’s article, we want to dive into these changes and discuss their long-term impact. Although the circumstances that made these changes come to fruition were devastating, their impact has made positive waves for the future.

Why The Change is Positive

The change in commercial cleaning practices has only brought in a positive shift. With such an emphasis on cleaning policies that protect the community and the planet (green cleaning), we will only continue to make waves in moving forward to a brighter future.

The changes in commercial cleaning are ensuring we move past one of the most devastating times in history. Additionally, they are reducing the negative impact we leave on the environment.

Although the industry has always held public safety to the highest standard, the recent years’ event was still a learning experience.

Commercial cleaning companies in the Maryland, Washington D.C. & N. Virginia areas, and the world over, had to become innovative. That is why we saw a resurgence of electrostatic spray technology in the cleaning world. Electrostatic spray cleaning and sanitizing can cover a much broader surface area and eliminate bacteria and viruses instantly.

Now cleaning companies are more prepared to tackle unforeseen and unique situations. They now understand that innovation plays a critical role in managing commercial cleaning matters because you never know what situation may arise. Commercial cleaning companies have also expanded their services to suit a wider variety of needs, including some of the direst situations.

A Better Future

As previously stated, part of the changes made in the last few years is sustainability, the switch is to help make sure to help a brighter future is possible. Harsh cleaning chemicals have been linked to creating the smog in outdoor air. Smog can irritate our airways when it is of poor quality. Additionally, it causes acid rain, harms wildlife, affects agriculture, and so much more.

Those same harsh cleaning chemicals have an impact on indoor air quality, and poor indoor air quality can lead to many health issues. We are aware now more than ever that we need to protect the public’s health if we want to see a brighter future.

The decreased use of these chemicals will help lead us to a brighter future where our actions will only benefit the planet and not harm it.

It’s a Collaborative Effort

Despite the commercial cleaning industry’s efforts towards a better future through the recent years’ changes, we must remember that it is still a collaborative effort to make a lasting impact on the environment and our communities.

RJC – A Better Commercial Clean

RJC has made the switch to green cleaning and continues to prioritize public safety following the past year’s events.

Let us help you make the change for a better future.

Contact RJC today for a free estimate and we are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services.


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