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How to Maintain Your Building Between Commercial Cleanings

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Getting your commercial building professionally cleaned is one of the best times for your business. It sparkles and shines unlike ever before. But what happens when your floors start to lose their sheen before the next cleaning? Or cobwebs are starting to collect around rooms?

That’s where maintenance knowledge becomes your best friend!

Keeping your building in tip-top shape between commercial cleanings is easy – all you need to know is what steps to take.

At RJC, we want you to get the most out of your building cleaning service. That’s why we are here to share with you the four steps you need to take to maintain your building in between cleanings!

Daily Dusting

Keeping your building pristine between commercial cleaning services remains solely on keeping dust and dirt at bay. That’s why frequent to daily dusting is a must for your in-house janitorial team.

They should be using appropriate cleaners along with paper towels or rags to remove dust and debris from a variety of surfaces. Desk, shelves, and the inner side of windows are some of the most important.

By removing dust from the surfaces, your building will maintain a cleaner appearance for longer.

Vacuuming and Sweeping

Daily foot traffic can drag in dirt, pollen, dust, and so much more. If you don’t tend to your floors in between commercial cleanings, your building is sure to take on a lackluster appearance.

If you have carpet or area rugs in your building, you will need to vacuum frequently. The common and inexpensive flooring option can give a lush and plush ambiance. But the truth is that carpet flooring is also known to carry many hidden gems, such as dirt, germs, and mold. Keeping your carpets dry and clean can keep these at bay.

If your building contains hardwoods, concrete, or other solid flooring types, frequent sweeping is a must. Those flooring types can collect dust and dirt, leaving a room to appear unsanitary. But quick and frequent sweeping can help your floors look clean and ready for the day between your commercial cleanings.

Sanitize for Safety

Taking a step back from the way a building looks, we need to also focus on the safety of everyone who enters. That’s why you should always follow a sanitizing routine for all of your commonly-used surfaces.

All your staff or janitorial team needs to do is choose a disinfectant, spray, and wipe. Surfaces like door handles, desks, and light switches are of the utmost importance.

This simple yet effective cleaning practice can help keep seasonal ick out of your space! It’s a great way to show staff, clients, patients, and patrons that you care.

Air Purifiers and Filters

If you find that your building collects pollen and dust too quickly in between commercial property cleaning services, it may be time to change your HVAC filter.

If your filtering system isn’t working efficiently, it can cause pollen and dust to collect quickly.

Changing your filter is also essential for keeping everyone who enters your building safe and healthy.

RJC Can Help!

Do you need a commercial building cleaning service that will help keep your building pristine? RJC can help!

We offer a variety of commercial cleaning services that will keep everything from your floors to ceiling looking as good as new.

Fill out our contact form today, and we’ll give you a free estimate!


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