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How Commercial Covid Cleaning Services can Help Your Business Thrive

commercial covid cleaning

Covid-19 and its variants shook this nation to its core. It not only hurt us physically, but it also took a toll on all of us financially. Business owners everywhere were unsure which each day held; they didn’t know if they would be open another day. These thoughts continue to loom a year after the pandemic’s inception.

But there is one we know how to combat this and help return to the state of our nation pre-Covid.

If you are a business owner with an office building or storefront, commercial covid cleaning services could help your business survive and thrive.

Slows The Spread and Keeps Your Business Open

Commercial cleaning services can play a significant role in slowing the spread of the virus.

Although it’s no secret that Covid is predominantly spread through airborne particles, having clean and sterile surfaces is a much-needed added precaution.

Clean surfaces don’t only protect individuals from Covid; it also prevents common ailments like the cold and flu. Preventing these ailments protects the immune system and helps it stay strong and fight off viruses like Covid.

With slower transmission rates, we can slow and stop the spread. You will no longer have to worry about if the virus will close your shop doors at any given moment.

It Shows You Care

There’s one thing we all need to remember during these troublesome times, and that is compassion.

Hiring commercial cleaners to clean and sterilize your storefront or office space shows the people who visit your establishment that you care about their wellbeing.

For many people, going out and performing their daily tasks such as essential shopping or work-related meetings is difficult and scary. They’re not only afraid of contracting the virus themselves but also passing it onto the ones they love most.

Letting your customers and clients know that your building receives regular covid cleaning helps them feel safe and secure.

Protects Your Employees

Without employees and people with your industry’s skills, your business would be non-existent.

The same way you care for your customers and slow the spread protects your employees. By protecting your employees from the virus, you ensure that your business can meet its goals and complete its daily operations.

The investment in protecting your staff from the virus is an investment in protecting your business from it too.

Hire RJC for All of Your Covid Cleaning Needs

Here at RJC, we specialize in the cleaning of office spaces, businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, and other commercial buildings.

For Covid-19 disinfection and cleaning, we use an electrostatic spray method. With this method, we can cover large surface areas with ease. Our method doesn’t just sanitize the area, it disinfects and eliminates harmful pathogens. We do this with an EPA approved disinfectant cleaner.

Our mission is to help keep businesses open during these tough times. For this reason, we also offer 24/7 emergency services for all of your commercial Covid cleaning needs. Our specialty equipment and disinfectants combined with traditional cleaning services (recommended CDC guidelines) keeps your employees, customers and visitors safe.

Protect yourself, your community, and your staff by hiring commercial cleaning that cares. Call us at (800) 582-2105 for a free estimate. RJC is here to help your business survive and thrive.



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